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An Interview with Karie Jane From BHH Naturist Resort Fuerteventura


As part of ANW's want to enhance understanding and appreciation of naturism we are sharing a selection of articles and interviews with ANW members exploring naturism around the world. ANW believes in safeguarding naturism with a genuine, healthy and respectful approach to social nudity and in doing so has an ever growing membership of friendly and appropriate users.

We also believe that naturism unites us and connects us. Beyond national boundaries, age, gender, religion sexual orientation and culture. These articles aim to show our connect through our mutual respect and understanding of social nudity. Inspiring people to get involved with naturism and the various naturist opportunities the world has to offer. 

We welcome Karie Jane from BHH Naturist Villa, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain. 

1 Tell us a little about yourselves and your part of the world.  
I am 57 single and live in Fuerteventura which is in the Canary Islands which are part of Spain. However we are closer to Africa than Spain.
2 What was the attitude towards nudity and naturism in your home and upbringing as a child and teen? 
My childhood was in a home where I saw my father nude out of the shower etc.  so I think it was fairly open.
3 If not covered in two - how did you first get involved in naturism and what were your initial thoughts. 
I visited Fuerteventura 23 years ago and saw naturism was a normal activity in the local beaches.
4. Do you think that your initial reasons and attitudes towards naturism have changed since then and how? 
I think now it is my normal.
5.Tell us about your naturist adventures so far. 
I started my naturist resort just about when the pandemic started!  
6. What was it that made you decide on Fuerteventura and to own a naturist venue there?
I already owned a property in Fuerteventura before I turned it into a naturist resort.
7. Was the process of creating a naturist venue an easy one or was it something with some nightmare obstacles? Share some stories if you like. Are the people in you neighbourhood OK about it?  
It was very easy.  My property is very detached and no neighbours to worry about.  Nudity is legal in Spain.  It is never frowned upon.
8. How would you best explain naturism to someone new to it and what advice would you offer to them? 
It’s a simple process of removing clothes and enjoy feeling very free and liberated.
9. What do you think naturism has taught you about yourself and do you think it has changed you in any way? 
It’s not changed me at all.  
10. Do you think that there are certain people better suited to naturism? 
I think everyone could participate if they are willing.
11. What differences do you think there is with attitudes towards naturism in Fuerteventura and the UK?  
Attitudes seem to be more open in Europe towards naturism.
12. How would you like to see the future of naturism developing over the next 30 years? 
More younger people need to enjoy naturism or else there will be very few in 30 years!
13 What are the biggest problems that naturism is currently facing? 
People confuse naturism with sexuality so further education and positive role models would make a difference.  There’s a lack of younger people, under 40 and lack of women involved in naturism.
14. If the world was accepting of naturism - happy to take on a clothing optional policy in most situations - how do you think it would change the way society works - what positives could you imagine and do you think there would be any negatives? 
I think that world will never exist.
15. Are there any aspects of naturism that frustrates you or annoys you or you feel let down by?
I receive dick photos every day of my life.  I use my block button more than any other keyboard letter.
16. Has there ever been a specific day, location, venue, activity that at the end of it has made you think - this is naturism at its best - and why? 
Every week I’m very grateful to be surrounded by wonderful guests and many of them return time again.  We are all equal with no clothes.
17. Do you speak to friends and family about your naturism? How has that been?  
I’m single after many years. Men find it difficult to comprehend let alone accept that naturism is about non sexual social nudity.  Friends and family are very proud of my achievements.
18. What five words would you use to describe naturism that people who haven't tried naturism may not have considered and what five words would you say doesn't describe naturism that those same people may wrongly consider to be true. 
Freedom. Empowering. Liberating. Clean. Happy.
Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex
19. If you were to close your eyes and consider naturism as an animal, a colour and a food item what three answers would come to mind?  
A sloth. Peaceful. Relaxing. Slow.
Pink ice lolly.  Happy. Cool and deliciously refreshing.
20. Do you have any naturist regrets? 
None at all.
21. Why do you think people should join ANW?   
Joining any community of like-minded people is good for the soul.
22. If you could go anywhere in the world now as a naturist where would it be? 
Fuerteventura. Where I live is my paradise
23. Tell us about any future plans you have for BHH. 
I am working on providing additional accommodation
24. You have appeared in magazines and other media. What drives you?
I enjoy promoting things I am passionate about.
25. You have a charity event planned, tell us more about this.    
That’s my personal holiday. I’m walking the Inca Trail for Finding your Feet who support amputees.
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I want to give more help to  ‘Finding Your Feet’ who support amputees.  Some of the hikers in my group to Machu Pichu will have received support from Finding your Feet.  

Cor, the founder of Finding your Feet lost both her hands and legs after contracting sepsis.  She will be personally leading our group up more than 1,600 steps to a 4225 ft elevation.

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Thank you Karie Jane for this wonderful interview and sharing your thoughts with ANW. We also wish you great luck on your exciting Fundraising Adventure, a very worthy cause. 

ANW welcomes all who are respectful and interested in naturism and invite all genuine naturist organisations, clubs, events, venues and other opportunities to be part of the ANW community and work with us to encourage the growth and acceptance of naturism around the world. If you have any questions email Anna and Steve at [email protected]

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