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ANW Community Mission 2023-2024


ANW Community Mission 2023-2024

Wow! What a year we have had!

It has been hectic and busy and we have started our 4th year on ANW already feeling a little behind. Which is why this Mission is coming out a week later than we had planned!

It has been an amazing year!

You- The ANW community have been so active and created so many amazing blog posts in both the Members Only Area and the Connect Blog Library. There have been some great Articles and Interviews shared by you too. Brilliant and inspiring Albums. Forum posts that deserve publication in magazines. Delightful Group interactions and such a positive and respectful vibe displayed on the Main Activity Feed.

Membership has continued to steadily grow and we were delighted to pass the 10 000 mark before our 3rd birthday in the middle of May. What is wonderful is that the community still feels so safe and appropriate. The behaviour exhibited by members from previous years has been passed on to the new members and the general feel is not just one that is universally acceptable to ANW members and naturists but also for all people around the world. So many people have said to us things like this: ANW is not just a great example of naturism but also of humanity and the way the internet should be used.

We believe our own attitude and steady family friendly presence has helped that – and certainly in the early months was of prime importance. What other naturist site or general social media site has the main admin so passionately involved on a daily basis? Today there are so many others who actively show that same positivity and that is so rewarding for us as fellow naturists. ANW must always be a platform that we personally want to be as naturists and it is hard to imagine that it could ever be anything other than the appropriate platform for naturism it has become.

Year One

Was about ensuring that ANW was clearly understood as a genuine naturist site and not wearing a disguise. The Verification Service (User Guide Part 10) and the motto “Protect Yourself. Protect ANW and Protect Naturism!” have always been a big part of this. So do consider becoming verified – it is free and easy – and do ensure that if anyone makes you feel pestered or treats you unsuitably you let us know.

Year Two

Was primarily concerned about ensuring that those people who had joined in year one saw an upward growth. That they would wish to continue their journey and the site expanded and grew – with new features and areas.

Year Three

Has been about taking the successes of the first two years and moving forward confidently into the future. We have had some pretty extensive upgrades done to the site this year and it has been primarily about future proofing the site for growth but it has also been about setting up some new aspects of the site too. We thank you all, for the patience you have shown as we have worked through the hiccups. Ensuring ANW can grow and become stronger with every year is vitally important to us. This is a long term passion for us and we have always wanted genuine and steady growth over years rather than a nine day wonder.

During year three ANW has seen its credibility rise.

Members have not just joined because of our social media work but more and more through the positive word of mouth of others. People will join and say we read about you at “so-and so” and we have been completely unaware of that positive support being voiced until that moment. Naturist opportunities have come to us and enquired about getting onto the site. And importantly we have read quotes that run along the lines of “ANW is the only/best place on the internet for naturists to....”

The confidence we had felt grow over the first years has enabled ANW to share its voice much more audibly in the third year. Our strong stance on family naturism has been vocalised without any question of doubt while some others have been wavering – and maybe helped by our independent status – we have hammered the message home anywhere we can. In magazines, on social media, through public articles, on other forums. We have had other naturists both on ANW and beyond join in with this topic and it appears that naturism is responding, that families are beginning to be recognised again and the importance of what naturism really stands for is being given space again.

RnR deserve special mention in this and for the creation of their FIN Project. FIN itself may be in limbo at the moment but the reasons behind their want for it have been aired. The desire for “grass roots” naturism, the recognition of keeping naturism family friendly and the importance of Nurturing Naturism are all part of the importance of Celebrating Families.

Our stance has not been about only encouraging families or even suggesting that all venues need to welcome families and/or that all naturists need to like families. Far from it! Naturism should appeal to everyone and as long as it is appropriately respected; you do not need to enjoy spending time with families. The argument has always been that for naturism to continue to grow and continue to remain suitable for all, and have any chance of being trusted, it has to encourage families. Families with children under 18 are still the majority of society and so they should not be ignored – and by encouraging naturism to remain family friendly we keep it safe for all – no matter who is actually allowed at certain venues and events. Involving families should not be the only option BUT it should be the most common option.

Maintaining naturism as universally suitable for all has been part of our agenda for 2023. Thought provoking articles like: Promoting Naturism to Women – we have asked people to consider the bigger picture. You need to encourage all people into naturism. Most women have partners, most women will have children. Or Survival - We want people to see the strength and power of naturism and the good it can do for individuals but also for society itself. We launched Nurturing Naturism in January and asked people not just to recognise what naturism does for them but to also consider what they can do for naturism.

Throughout all this though we must not forget that beyond all the positives naturism has to offer – it is first and foremost great fun, comfortable and makes you smile. We always hope ANW finds a balance between the serious and the fun. No matter how passionate we are – if it wasn't just delightful then we wouldn't want to do it.

A big part of Year 3 has been the introduction of the Public Articles. In particular the interviews that have always found that balance of philosophy and joy. Since launching this project in the summer of last year we have had well in access of 100 000 reads from people linking to these articles direct from social media. This is not about encouraging membership into ANW – though hopefully some readers do chose that – but about sharing ideas about naturism with readers from all over the world who may not understand naturism at all and may learn to be a little more accepting and even may try naturism themselves. It is a simple idea – look we are just average people who enjoy spending time naked.

Year three has also seen ANW reinvent the Naturism in Art section, create a new area for Interactive Projects (which are huge positive fun and a lovely way to get involved), and as part of Nurturing Naturism we have encouraged more people to start Groups especially for localised Meet-ups.

Talking of Meet-ups, we also launched the regular Virtual Meets that have so far been running fortnightly at differing times and days to allow as many people to find a time that suits. These have been so inspiring and fascinating. Everyone who wishes to speak gets an opportunity, new members get to introduce themselves. And like naturism itself the meets have been both serious and fun. Just lovely.

We are already in Year 4 and what plans do we have instore?

First, we have just introduced a new project that allows naturist opportunities to offer ANW members a free service in return for authorised and supported articles and possible interviews and videos about their experience. We have created a notice about this called Connecting Explore Enterprises with ANW Explorers and we will shortly be creating an area to home this project with links and other information.

To remind people that naturism is about smiling we have also invited members to create TISW(O)AS albums and share a smile every weekend with the community.

We are also planning to create country overviews with some relevant information and internal browsing links highlighting our affiliated enterprises and helping to build a stronger awareness of our naturist world.

We have recently added to our Nurturing Naturism line on social media which now reads Nurturing Naturism For Everyone For Ever. A sign that ANW is here to stay but also that we will continue to encourage everyone – young and old, singles, couples and families to always be able to enjoy naturism irrespective of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, location or any personal situation. Naturism is inclusive and always should be. We shouldn't fear the single men and we shouldn't hide from families.

Another hope for year 4 is to continue to encourage venues, clubs and associations to get involved with the ANW community. Sharing is so important to the naturist community. We have been delighted to welcome various new enterprises to ANW in year 3 from all over the world - Broadlands Sun Association, Nice and Natural, LPC glamping, Serenity,  Gecko Bali, Angelo and Chris' Back Yard,   Naturist Croatia, Everything to Sea,  Nude and Happy, Nudism Book Series, NWNS, NZNF  and True Naked Yoga. We also continue to turn down endeavours that have enquired with us that are not “naturist” in their approach. The internet is full of websites that are sexualised. ANW is about naturism, it is simple. Our mission will always be based on that!

We are especially pleased to welcome New Zealand Naturist Federation to ANW as it it these international connections that really speak volumes about the importance of joining together for the sake of growing naturism. Sharing voices and sharing support. Together we can really make a difference. It may not happen in Year 4 but we envisage a time when naturism is such a well understood life style that it does indeed become an accepted part of society. Where the idea of worrying about being misunderstood because you are a naturist, or wondering which beach is suitable for naturism and which isn't is no longer a question, or concern that your neighbours may see you naked in the garden is no longer a problem. To reach this point we really need to show our strength and numbers and by joining forces with local clubs and national bodies we know we can do more and more to help naturism all over the world.

We are also continuing to add new Naturism in the News items and new pages to the Explore section. The explore section of ANW continues to grow every month. We have around 4100 pages listed and we believe it is the largest database of genuine naturist opportunities in the world and we will continue adding to it. If you are aware of any place or thing that is missing do let us know.

Our passion for naturism is global and it is amazing to see members sign up from all over the world. Much of the communication on the site is in English – but we are always happy to see activity in other languages and recognise the world wide aspect of the ANW. Just today we have seen a Blog posted about naturism in Costa Rica – and it was posted in both Spanish and English. The author is looking to encourage naturism in his country and long term encourage more opportunities, events and set up an association. This want to expand naturism is exactly what we wish to encourage on ANW and if we can help we will. This is A Naturist World and that part of our long term goal for naturism. To see it grow and flourish everywhere.

So what can you do?

You could tell people about ANW – your naturist friends, your social media connections, the owners of venues, those people you know in your local club or national body and make suggestions that they join this community as individuals or as representatives of their specific enterprise. We are growing and growing and we want all genuine naturists involved. You can also use ANW Downloadable Logos on your social media profiles and share Public Article Links across the internet too. Get people thinking about naturism and exploring it. If you would like to take part in an ANW interview then do let us know.

And don't forget to consider how you can Nurture Naturism.

This year we would also like to see more people sharing Ratings and Reviews across the site. It is really positive activity and we have seen it grow but would like to see more. It only takes a couple of minutes to do but it is a great way to acknowledge the hard work of a blog, your ANW friends, a beach or another naturist opportunity.

Speaking of beaches. We are also going to encourage more members to share Blogs Based on Beach Visits and we will create a notice about this very soon. Our latest one Fisherman's Cove if you want any inspiration. It is a great way to help people find a beach – and we must recognise that these free spaces are brilliant options to not just enjoy naturism but also to help promote it. Every time we head to a beach we are helping to encourage more people to understand and try naturism. We will be adding more beach blog posts this year and hope you join us on this project. We still have several old beach visits to cover (mainly from our time in Spain) and we have another visit to a new beach in Cornwall planned for sharing in the next week or so.

We will be literally asking people to join us during August when we get out and about and invite other ANW members to get involved with our trip - more on this very soon. One location is going to be taking part in the NWNS Summer CampNWNS have been valiantly Nurturing Naturism this year and Adam has already built some strong support from ANW members and we are hoping to see that support rise to full capacity this summer and allow NWNS to continue supporting naturism with even more success in 2024 and beyond. We are also hoping to do some Video recording there. Making videos is something we would like to devote more time to for ANW as we are often asked when the next one is coming. It really is a matter of finding more “spare” time. Not always very easy.


NWNS are offering an exclusive discount to verified ANW subscribing members. We already have a few Discounts and Offers available from different parts of the world for different venues – and we want to see these savings grow. Encouraging ANW members to support the wonderful opportunities out their and also giving back to the wonderful ANW users who help to support the running of ANW. It is feasible that many members can more than make their membership fees back in savings and we want to increase these options. To find out more about Discounts and other aspects of Membership: Click Here.

Talking about membership fees we have not just seen a rise in the number of people signing in to ANW over the last twelve months but also those that chose to become Annual and Life members has also risen on what appears to be a monthly basis. We thank you all for this support as it is so valuable. We work on ANW pretty much all day long, from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year. As the site grows it becomes more demanding -and more costly too – so it is brilliant to see that more and more people are allowing this site to continue to expand and grow and helping to cover the huge amount of time we devote to it- honestly if you knew the amount of time we devote to ANW and naturism you would wonder how we ever see our children and eat!

We aren't going anywhere. ANW is going to keep on nurturing naturism for decades to come and your support allows this to happen. And if you feel you could offer more to fund ANW your Donations towards running the site are always appreciated.

We feel that Nurturing Naturism For Everyone For Ever perfectly sums up our mission for 2023/2024 and we hope you feel it is as worthy an agenda for this 4th year as we do. In doing that we will continue to not just promote naturism as a positive, universal, healthy and family friendly life choice but we will also continue to ask questions of naturists all over the world and ensure that we do not lose sight of the bigger picture. Naturism isn't a trend, it isn't for a unique clique, it isn't aimed at one group or a specific minority, it is not owned or governed by one body, it isn't about seclusion, it isn't a mystery hidden behind large fences and gates, it isn't just for a select few who can afford to travel. It is for ever all of us. If you have a body: then that body can be naked, and if you can be naked: then you can enjoy naturism.

As always - thanks for reading and thanks for being part of ANW - all the best - Anna and Steve