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Promoting Naturism to Women


If you find this article inspiring then you may find that ANW is the prefect place for you. The internet has in general failed to allow people to fully appreciate and understand naturism, and is particularly unwelcoming to genuine naturist women. ANW wants to help change this and offers single women, couples and families a pester free environment to share and enjoy naturism, as well as men who have been the traditional advocates of naturism on the internet.

The ANW community as a whole is welcoming and respectful and individuals are protective of themselves, ANW and naturism.

Our commitment to naturism goes beyond ANW and while the public continues to misunderstand naturism we will continue to share articles like this one encourage new people to enjoy this wonderful life choice.

Girls! Girls! Girls!


It sounds like a notice out side a strip club but I am actually thinking about a title of a 1962 Elvis Presley film. Elvis + Girls + Songs - Who could ask for anything more? Ran the tag line. The storyline. A fisherman in Hawaii dreams of owning his own boat while deciding which girl is lucky enough to be his “bestie.” A script that should have been marked “Return to Sender” (as featured in the film) but having pretty things like Stella Stevens (preferably in bikinis) connected to Elvis' songs seemed enough to sell the film. Elvis made three films in Hawaii so the idea obviously worked. To be fair the presence of the female form has sold art and popularised various media from day one and film is no exception. Tastes may change in what the media considers attractive – just as the music itself has changed. Dick Powell in Dames (1934) knew what he was talking about when he told the truth about why people go to see a show in the song “Beautiful Girls.”


90 years on have things changed? I would say not, the only difference is that we are maybe less honest about it and hide the fact by trying to cover all bases. A film does not like to acknowledge that it gets bottoms on seats simply by having beautiful women semi-clad on the screen. They try and make a joke about it or ensure that there are also semi-clad men on the screen. They suggest it is vital to the integrity of the story. They try to ensure that there is a justifiable answer to offer to those that are offended by the sexualisation of women and ensure that they do not ignore the tastes of those with other sexual preferences. There also sell the idea that the woman is semi-clad because she is strong and empowered. Not because she is an actress being paid to attract men to the cinema but because her character is not afraid of men or stereotyping. Disney Princesses are tougher than the men in their lives today and act like they really do not need them at all – but they still follow the expected perfection looks of the media. A niece of mine studying musicals at college was told that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers' films are wrong because Ginger sang love songs about Fred and it shows her as weak. Though Fred did the same about Ginger. Wasn't that equality? Romance is a two way thing and it can make you both weak and strong at different times. Films today may be treading the tightrope of ensuring they do not fall into suggesting that a “Woman needs man and man must have his mate,” that idea has become more politically incorrect “As Time Goes By” but that does not stop them undressing and parading these strong, confident, empowered women when ever they can.


All Talk


Actresses and music stars may say the right thing when it comes to being woke, politically correct and not labelling their children as boys or girls, but when it comes to the clothes they wear, the videos they make and their red carpet decisions they still want to attract attention for their bodies and not their minds. Their curves sell records and not their Twitter proclamations.


Social media is full of false claims. “I am giving strength to women” naked profiles state while shaking their “booty” at the camera. “Good on you girl!” reply dozens of aged male followers wiping the drool from their chins. Why do these young things gathering followers and often making money from these accounts consider what they are doing as anything different to the oldest profession in the world? Not because it is any different, but because to pretend it is based on a cause gives them an excuse, it gives them validity. When someone says – why are you shoving your breasts into a camera or sitting legs apart touching yourself – they can respond. “To empower women, so back off.” Today we live in a world where if we link to a cause it excuses anything and stops people arguing and even stops you being arrested: bullies can bully, thugs can beat, women can sexualise themselves, looters can loot, vandals can destroy. Even racism, homophobia, and gender inequality can ironically and as a direct result grow and fester. The excuses for the bad behaviour have negative effects and abuse, mistrust, confusion, hate and paranoia flourishes.


The best way for people to accept others is to feel that they in turn are accepted. Sadly the media seems to ignore this. We are not pulling together as a society but instead on a daily basis we see one aspect of society being pushed out of the way in favour of another. This is not equality – this creates segregation – this will not lead to a glorious Melting Pot of unified people. Even this song is no longer suitable and it has received various bans. The irony is that the use of words is more important than the message itself. Like social media it isn't what you do that makes you appear good or bad, it is what you say and the words you use when you are doing it. Authors like Roald Dahl are now being censored because of the use of certain words like “fat” and “ugly,” how can that make modern writers feel, knowing that their work can be tampered with long after they are dead. Dahl has inspired children in various ways for decades and like his favourite author, Dickens, he confronted issues close to his heart. Should Moby Dick be censored because whaling is not right? Tastes and attitudes do change but novels should have the freedom to express their time. If someone today wrote a novel about naturism and in years to come naturism was seen as wrong would that excuse mean the naturist expect should be removed? We may as well all jump into “1984” and give up now.


Women and Equality


This week is International Women's Day and is a great time to consider looking at women in naturism. Worthy campaigns encouraging women to naturism exist and they often high light the connection naturism has to body-confidence and empowerment. There is no doubt that this can do good for naturism and for women and I am supportive of such projects. Just as I am for all healthy ideas on promoting the benefits and joy of naturism.


The problem is that sometimes it feels like we are placing a sticky plaster on a broken arm: it just isn't enough.


As mentioned above the attitude that society has towards women is still very much Girls! Girls! Girls! And the average woman knows that. When a town recognises top free equality you don't suddenly have the women of that town walking around exposing their nipples. Why? Because they have grown up learning not to do that, they are afraid of what other women may think, they are afraid of the attention they may get from men and they mostly don't have the required incentive to change. Let's face it anyway, how many men walk around with their tops off? Discomfort with our bodies and nudity is not a single gender issue and much of life is not geared towards the removal of clothing – any man walking down a street bare chested will stand out almost as much as any woman.


Views on Nudity


We do not just have to consider women's attitude towards nudity we have to consider men's. How equal will a woman feel if she is topless in a park and every man is staring at her? The possible result is that the women who chose to go topless may only be those who enjoy being watched. The knock on effect of this would be that other women will wish to distance themselves from doing the same as they do not wish to be considered exhibitionists. A similar struggle exists for the men in this situation: they may not wish to see the topless woman as they would not wish to appear like some of the voyeurs who are looking.


When ever I see a naturist promoting naturism on social media I always ask myself. How would I see this behaviour as a non-naturist. Very often the behaviour in my mind's eye then appears like exhibitionism and you then realise why it is failing. As a naturist we get it and it can be very easy to see the good intention of the person involved. But as a non-naturist who does not get it the wrong conclusions are easily drawn and the activity not only doesn't help naturism but is actually more likely to discourage people from trying naturism. The same can be said about interviews on TV for example. A naked naturist in a TV studio is certainly understood by fellow naturists but to the non-naturist the whole situation is viewed as odd, forced and questionable. Ironically the people who we want to encourage to naturism will be the ones that will be put off if they consider the lifestyle about exhibitionism and voyeurism: and it is easy to then understand why people mistrust naturism and link it to sex and swinging.



Understanding that Naturism is not about Sexual Sharing



We cannot ignore that there are millions of people exposing themselves for sexual reasons on the internet and sadly some of those use words like naturist and nudist. How do non-naturists sensibly differentiate? On top of that there are many venues who are libertine in their customer appeal who also use these words. As there are an increasing amount of genuine naturist venues and events that are adult only how does a non-naturist figure out the difference and why wouldn't they just conclude that there is no difference?


It is hardly surprising that we also then have protests against involving children in naturism. Sadly, in all likelihood, the leaders of these protests know full well that naturism is totally safe for children. As I mentioned above, using the right cause gives credit to bad behaviour. Being thuggish towards naturists becomes acceptable when the excuse of child safeguarding is used to disguise your actions.

Women and the Internet

We have to consider that despite the internet being a great source of information and a positive way to share it has many failings and one is the disparity towards women. 

The United Nations claims that "37% of women do not use the internet. 259 million fewer women have access to the Internet than men, even though they account for nearly half the world's population." Their website suggests that: "If women are unable to access the Internet and do not feel safe online, they are unable to develop the necessary digital skills to engage in digital spaces..." and refers to the 2022 Gender Snapshot Report that showed in a study of 51 countries 38 per cent of women had personally experienced online violence.

The World Health Organisation says there is a need "to ensure that women and girls are safe online. This will free them from online gender-based violence, including cyberstalking, sexual harassment, trafficking, and gross breaches of privacy." 

It is not surprising that promoting naturism as a woman is not easy. The internet is often not a welcoming place for women even without them adding social nudity to the mix. 



Naturist Women and Naturist Campaigning


Considering the above it is easy to see why it simply isn't for everyone. Many people – men and women – who enjoy naturism are not going to share that on social media simply because they do not share other aspects of their life on social media. Then there is the fear of being misjudged or being considered an exhibitionist. Even if you are happy for your neighbours to see you naked on the internet do you really want them wondering what goes on behind your closed doors when you have visitors or suggesting you are unfit parents?


If you are willing to ignore that you then have to deal with the unwanted sexual messages and images you are sent, the pestering followers and friends you have to block, the religious condemnations and worse. As a naturist woman I have been sent death threats, rape threats and things that go beyond even that.


The fight is not simply about encouraging more women to naturism it is about changing the whole of society's attitudes towards women, nudity, bodies, sex, genders, families and respect. The internet has taught society that it can disrespect everyone in any way it likes and get away with it. A celebrity can be hated because of a circulated and untrue rumour but unknown individuals can express any form of vile hate they wish and there are no consequences.


Naturism and Women therefore becomes a breeding ground of negativity on the internet for both parties. Yet naturism continues to campaign for more women. The problem is that it may as well call a campaign Girls! Girls! Girls!


Women Only!


Years ago I saw a sign on a strip club window saying “Live Girls Nude” and I remember feeling relieved it didn't say “Dead Girls Nude.” Surely the word live was a waste of neon light and electricity. Naturism is about living life suitably naked at appropriate times. Our nudity is an instinctive and natural state to enjoy, but for many people looking in on naturism it can seem like it is a live peep show.


Naturist websites show women hiding their breasts suggesting how important and relevant those parts of our anatomy remain even in naturism. Some naturists even have Patreon style accounts that take you to their nudes. Why not have a flashing neon light “Live Naturists Nude” enticing you to pay?


While we are seen to wish to have a need to encourage more women to naturism and seen to have to justify this desire we will continue to confuse women and men of the nature of naturism. The confusion is justified; the facts are not straight. Some genuine naturists can appear totally exhibitionist to outsiders while some exhibitionists hide behind naturism and nudism, some naturists hide their “naughty bits” like they are in a Benny Hill sketch and some even make money out of sharing their nudes which is no different to having dollar bills slipped into their g-string on a stage. We clearly state that women are a minority in naturism and we often show concern about allowing single men into clubs and events. Yet our messages are supposed to entice women to join naturism and encourage them to trust it. No matter how well focused a campaign is the bigger picture of understanding naturism remains blurred.


A Numbers Game


Despite naturisms best intentions we continue to ignore a great section of the females of this world. We bang on and on about naturism being great for women. About how safe it is and how rewarding it is and how it helps with confidence and how it does not matter what size or shape you are and all that is 100% true and admirable.


However lost in all this is the biggest and best part of naturism. It is suitable for all and that includes families. Around 80% of women will have children during their child bearing years. 82% of the women in the UK born the same year as myself now have children. Why are we not ensuring that women who have children are seeing naturism as an option for their family? Why are we ignoring the fact that many women of a certain age will simply not want to take part in naturism if they cannot bring their children along? Why are we not clearly stating that naturism is brilliant for families and has a long history of being about families? Naturism originally grew in popularity because it was a cheap and healthy way to have a holiday in the fresh air as a family.


What do we want?


Do we want women to trust naturism? Do we want women to join naturism? Do we want women to ignore the many confusing and damaging ways naturism is portrayed on the internet? Do we want women to help promote naturism? Do we want women to reap the rewards and benefits of naturism? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!


So why are we not telling them that naturism welcomes mothers, parents, families, children? Why are we not sharing the one thing above all others that will get women trusting in naturism? Families!


Mother Nature, Mother Earth


Bring families into the promotion of naturism and suddenly it becomes safe, trustworthy and innocent. Promote families and suddenly the age issue becomes less relevant. You do not have to promote to youngsters because families immediately include those of child bearing age and their children. Promote families and you suddenly do not have to worry about convincing those single women, or women who are not in relationships with men, or women who are not planning to have children ever, or yet, or already have had children that naturism is safe. The existence of other parents and their children is proof enough. Promote naturism to families and it does not discourage the older naturists who are now of grandparent age and it does not discourage those youngsters who are far from considering children. It does not discourage anyone who can recognise that there is an innocence and joy simply from being naked.


Not Everyone likes Families


What about those women who hate children: who do not want to be around children? They would still certainly be reassured that naturism is suitable and safe for them but would also find that there are plenty of opportunities around that are adult only, but know, by the family friendly label of naturism, that those adult only events and venues will not place them in pestering situations.


In short advertising and promoting naturism as family friendly above and beyond all other forms of promotion is the best way to encourage all women to trust in naturism.


Naturism and Children


That is why for International Children's Day we will be writing a follow up article to this one. Going further into the reasons we need to promote naturism to families.


Pleasing Everyone


Wait a minute though. Isn't it awfully sexist to suggest that women will be happier joining a lifestyle that encourages children? Well I am not suggesting that naturist women should be the little ladies at home with the children. I am not even suggesting that they should have children or even like children. I am suggesting that when something is promoted as safe and suitable for children it becomes, by default, safe and suitable for all.


I am also suggesting that we are guilty of considering all aspects of society and forgetting that there are still majorities out their that are ignored and if we are looking to encourage naturism to grow we should do so by ensuring we encourage the majorities. We do not need to do this at the expense of ignoring minority groups – far from it – but currently we are encouraging minorities at the expense of majorities. To me we should simply encourage everyone and the simplest way to do that is to ensure no one is left out – especially when the group that is left out represents the best way to see naturism grow and give it a healthy future.


A Positive Future


We know that naturist clubs have adults with children in them who joined the club with their parents many years ago. That is the future of naturism. The law of averages suggests that some of these children will lose interest, so for the continued growth of these clubs we need to bring in new families. The work and interest in enticing young adults into naturism would be a much easier task if more young adults grew up with naturism in the first place.


Beyond Encouraging Women


How do we get more women into naturism? Remind them that it is not about Girls! Girls! Girls! We shouldn't just consider having women only introductions to naturism, how about mother and child days? When we lived in Spain many mothers came to beaches with their children during the school holidays often joined by the fathers after work.


We should promote the idea of women bringing naturism into their lives through their relationships with men or women, by bringing their partners, bringing their children, bringing their family.


We should ensure that women know that naturism is for everyone and that means everyone- not just a minority idea based on the everyone's who count. If women are going to go against society expectations about nudity and remove their clothes around others let them see that it is safe and also there is a future in it. Why would they take something up if they feel they may have to reject it when they become pregnant?


We have to remember that those that haven't tried naturism assume it will be scary and place them in an unnatural situation. It isn't until people have tried it that they realise how instinctively easy and right it feels. So if an average woman doesn't consider the journey to be worthy and is facing something that seems quite an arduous task with dubious results and no long term benefits then they will not bother. If we give women an ongoing place in naturism and an ongoing reassurance of it being part of their lives throughout the journey ahead then they are more likely to consider the idea that naturism is not simply about being seen naked by a few blokes.


The universal aspect of naturism that welcomes all including families is vital.


If we wanted to make a film musical about naturism then a good title would be:


Everyone! Everyone! Everyone!

ANW is passionate about helping the whole of society to better appreciate the incredibly inspiring and instinctively natural lifestyle that we know as naturism. We look forward to you joining ANW and helping us promote the positives of simply being without clothes.

ANW welcomes all who are respectful and interested in naturism and invite all genuine naturist organisations, clubs, events, venues and other opportunities to be part of the ANW community and work with us to encourage the growth and acceptance of naturism around the world. If you have any questions email Anna and Steve at [email protected]

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