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Interview with ANW members A and P


An Interview with ANW members A and P.

As part of ANW's want to enhance understanding and appreciation of naturism we aim to share a selection of interviews with ANW members to show that naturism is for everyone, and explore the all important human element of the naturist and ANW community.


As part of the friendly and social atmosphere of ANW we welcome everyone who is respectful to the community and naturism and encourage members to share their profiles as couples and families.


In this interview we have asked a series of questions to husband and wife, A and P, about their long and enjoyable experiences in naturism.



Tell us a little about yourselves and your part of the world.


We are long time naturists and discovered it in our 20s. We are now retired and are much more open regarding naturism now than when we worked. We live just outside London in the UK where there are a surprising number of naturist clubs.


A - I am cheerful, leftward leaning politically and well travelled. Love rugby and football ... Wales and Cardiff City.


A regular but poor golfer


P - I am positive, loving life, political and keen to get rid of Tories from power!!


We are both physically active with long distance cycling (Lands End to John O' Groats, 1000 miles of Danube and Rhine plus London to the Med. 

What was the attitude towards nudity and naturism in your childhood homes?



Both of us grew up in households that were not naturist in any way. We don't even remember it as an issue or subject in our houses.

At Domaine de la Quiquier

How did you first become involved in naturism?


We discovered naturism by accident together when camping in the South of France. The nearest beach turned out to be naturist so we just joined in without much thought. About two years later we were looking for a campsite with vacancies in Croatia. The only one with space was Koversada, a massive naturist campsite, so we tried it. We have always looked for naturist sites since.


Have your attitudes towards naturism changed over the years?


Not really, except at first it was just a holiday thing and gradually we have done a lot more such as hiking and naked restaurants and WNBRs. We have widened our naturist horizons.


Tell us about some your naturists adventures


Every year we go to our favourite site called la Genese in France. We also visit the fabulous German spa complexes en route to our regular skiing in Austria. Even here on the campsite is a great spa which of course is nude only. We have circled the globe seven times (not such a great boast now because of carbon footprints) and have visited naturist clubs and beaches in the USA, Mexico, Australia, Jamaica, New Zealand, Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Croatia, Belgium, Austria and of course the UK. We have also been on three wonderful Bare Necessities cruises in the Caribbean.


We have been the coordinators of the British Naturism Holiday Advice team and still advise on NZ and Australia.


You own a property in Vera Playa Spain. How do you split your time between the UK, Vera and exploring new destinations?


We visit Vera Playa every Spring and Autumn for about five weeks. In the Summer we spend time in France in our motorhome (RV). Brexit has been a disaster as we are now limited to 90 days out of 180 in Europe. It also means we are taxed a higher rate on our earnings from renting out our naturist home.

Nudefest 2019

How would you explain and offer advice to someone new to naturism?


A - That's the problem. It's so difficult to describe the feeling of freedom when you have clothes off on a beach. How do you describe the feeling of drinking an ice cold beer when you have been walking in the heat for hours? ... it's just... wonderful and naturism is the same! When working in the Summer months I wore a suit, even on really hot days. Changing into shorts and taking off shoes and socks everyone can understand as a pleasure. Removing the shorts just increases the feeling of well being and freedom.


P - Different advice to different people. Women need to go to a hot country and try a beach to get used to it. Then maybe a club in UK where you will feel safe. It's so much better than being squeezed into a small costume when swimming especially if you are over weight. Over time you become happier with your body shape.

Has naturism taught you anything about yourselves and changed you in any way?


A - It has made me a more relaxed person and helps stop me from being so judgemental.



P - That it's a leveller and designer clothes are not important.

Do you think that there are certain people better suited to naturism?


I don't think there is a right and wrong person for naturism. Few people who try it seem to drop out. It's all about that first step and some are just not brave enough or open minded enough to try it.

Cabo De Gata, Spain 

Tell us about Naturist opportunities in the UK and Spain.


The UK has improved no end in the last ten years in terms of naturism. It used to be just clubs and a few beaches. Now we have naturist dining, lots of walks and visits to gardens, museums, WNBRs etc etc The law has been clarified in terms of walking in the countryside so we feel within our rights.


Spain has far more beaches where naturism is practised and a few great places such as Vera Playa and a few campsites. However even a place as large as Madrid has no naturist facilities or events.

How would you like to see naturism developing over the next 30 years and do you feel these ideas are achievable?


A - I'd just like the gains we have made to be accepted by all. Though the police are gradually getting used to it (not all) some of the public lag behind. I don't ever see us wandering into Tesco naked. I have seen huge gains in the last ten years. The danger is that government with just a slight tweak of the law could destroy those gains. That's the danger with pushing boundaries too much. Saying naturists are only allowed in clubs and designated beaches might go down well with the public at large.



Are there aspects of naturism that frustrate you or you feel let down by?


A - Turning up for a naked hike or WNBR and finding that Patti is the only female. It's just not right.


P - The lack of large naturist spa complexes in the UK like we have on the continent. Clover Spa is lovely but is a tiny fraction of the size of most German spas.


Do you have a specific memory that at the end of it has made you think - This is naturism at its best?


A - Sitting in the Oh La La bar at Vera Playa for sundowners watching the world go by from the terrace.


P- Drinks and card games at the bar in La Genese, France.... our favourite holiday site.


Could you share some experience and tips concerning telling friends and family about your love of naturism?


A - All friends and family have known for a long time and it has caused zero problems. Just be open and start with talk of naturist beaches. If you start with talk of naked dining it's less easy to get over that you aren't a crank. P is much better than me at bringing it up and even told my old colleagues!


P- It has never had a bad effect on relationships. Be open and upfront. Over meals is the usual way I talk about naturism with non - naturists.

Share up to five words that you would use to describe naturism to those new to the idea.


A – Freedom, Liberating, Enjoyable, Comfortable and Addictive.


P – Liberating and Exhilarating.


Similarly what words do you think those new to naturism may wrongly consider to be true.


A – Naturism is not – Sexual, Exhibitionist, Voyeuristic, Dangerous or Immoral.


P – Some wrongly connect naturism with fears of it being Sexual, Provocative and worry about being Overweight.


Do you have any naturist regrets?


A - The usual one that I didn't start earlier and that for much of my life it was confined to just summer months.

You have already travelled widely. Tell us what where would be on the top of your list for your next journey?



A - Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay


P- Galapagos and Bolivia.

Nudefest 2016



To finish. As a bit of Fun. Close your eyes and consider naturism as an animal, a colour and a food item what three answers come to mind?


A – Blue (sky). A really healthy and delicious salad with no dressing!! Seals (basking).


P - Yellow (sun). Giraffe. Curry !!


ANW thank A and P for taking part in this interview. As members of ANW A and P have added several Blog posts and also run an ANW Group The Naturist Travellers World looking to answer member's travelling questions.


ANW welcomes all who are respectful and interested in naturism and invite all genuine naturist organisations, clubs, events, venues and other opportunities to be part of the ANW community and work with us to encourage the growth and acceptance of naturism around the world. If you have any questions email Anna and Steve at [email protected]

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