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Why I Took a Life Membership to ANW


Why I Took a Life Membership to ANW - by Nude and Happy

Marc from Nude and Happy is a valued member and contributor on ANW. He promote his blogs Nude and Happy / Nu et heureux and his naturist writing Nudism Books Series in the Explore section of ANW under the Products and Services category. Marc originally wrote this Article as a Blog to other members shortly after subscribing. He was not requested to do so by ANW and had no incentive to do so apart from his own want to support the ongoing commitment of ANW to encourage and promote naturism around the globe. 

ANW is free to use and offers many features such as Blog, Article and Video libraries, over 4000 pages detailing naturist beaches, venues and other opportunities worldwide, groups to join, a free verification service to help build friendships, a personal profile page and the ability to connect with naturists all over the world and more.

The option to become a Life or Annual Member also exists and offers further areas and features like creating and sharing in the Albums section, writing your own Blog posts, creating your own Groups, debating in the Forum and more. Annual and Life membership levels can also include promoting your own naturist ventures. 

For more information and an overview of some of the features of ANW check out the ANW User Guide 

Marc writes:

Here are the reasons I took a life membership to ANW.

As a nudist blogger, I spend a lot of time online on nudist forums, networks and sites. I've probably subscribed to all, unsubscribe to many, and paid a few. Although, it's not my main professional activity, I generate some revenue from the blog and the books and it goes entirely to support nudism activities, sites and associations. I believe in nudism and naturism in my flesh and my soul, and I do my best to support its development.

I joined ANW with a free membership a while back and spent some time browsing around, taking the time to appreciate the ambiance and the naturist spirit. Over the months, I enjoyed the blog posts, the interactions, the pictures. All of them reflected the naturism I love, enjoy and push. Here are five aspects of the site that made me decide to spend the money into a lifetime subscription:

  • Friendly and safe. With a strong moderation, a zero tolerance policy for non naturist behaviours and a very fine-grained set of privacy rules, the site is very safe for nudists. The testament is in the diversity that exist in members.

  • Family oriented. Anna and Steve are a real nudist family, fully understand the needs and the challenges of nudist families, hence their family orientation. This turns the predators away.

  • Complete. Every aspect of naturism is present on the site, from blogs to (camp) sites to beaches to art, you name it. No other social platform is as complete as ANW.

  • Sticking to the naturist/nudist spirit. I've nothing much to say about this. Nudism is all about respect and openness. Sure, it's more quiet that some other nudist social platforms, but it's truly naturist.

  • Managed by real naturists. Anna and Steve know what they talk about, understand naturism in their own flesh and contribute to the truthfulness of the site. They don't hide and their open attitude adds a lot!

So, if you're sitting on a fence, want more from your naturist experience, and want to contribute to developing naturism, take a paid subscription! Naturism is a fantastic lifestyle that needs more and more naturists. Come and join!

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