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10 Tips to Naturist Beach Etiquette


10 Tips to Naturist Beach Etiquette

Your Guide to Nude Beach Behaviour

Part of what makes visiting a naturist beach so wonderful is there are not many places where you can get naked in public. Whether you are going sunbathe and relax or to share picnics, sports or games with your family there is no better way to enjoy the sense of freedom that being naked in public creates.

Before you visit, it is best to follow these guidelines which are mostly common sense. 

1. Don't Assume A Beach Is Clothing Optional

If you have not done your research beforehand, it is wise not to just strip off as soon as you reach the beach. Wait until you reach the tolerated nudist area. If not signposted, as a rule of thumb it will be in the more remote surroundings. If you are unsure, you could leave a swimsuit/trunks on a rock to let others know they are approaching an unclothed person.

2. Be Friendly But Respect Others Right To Privacy

People enjoy being nude and at one with nature but don't necessarily want to be disturbed, leave some space between you and remember unwanted advances are not acceptable anywhere, especially so at a naturist beach.

3. No Gawking - Expect To See Lots Of Body Types

It is impolite to stare and makes people feel uncomfortable. Nudism is a lifestyle that embraces the human body in all its forms. Maintain proper eye contact should you find yourself having conversations with people.

4. Be Considerate When Capturing Images

You may want to record moments of yourself and the people you are with, just like you would if you were in swimsuits, but you must ask for the consent of others if you are putting them in the picture.

5. Don't Get Sexual

Sexual behaviour is illegal in public, it puts those precious "naturist beaches" at risk of closure and naturists getting a bad name and makes those people around you very uncomfortable.

Visit the ANW article to read about why we shouldn't accept Bad Behaviour on Beaches

6. Keep A Towel To Hand

Sand can get in all sorts of places, so a towel is essential. Not only for lying on, but it is also more hygienic to have something to cover the surface if you wish to sit on a bench or chair.

7. Stay Out Of The Dunes 

They tend to be ecologically sensitive areas which need to be respected. If you require shade bring an umbrella. People "hiding" in the dunes appear furtive, increase the number of naturists using your beach by coming out into the open.

Visit the ANW article to read more about Staying Out of the Dunes.

8. Don't Pollute The Beach Environment

Think about noise pollution, not everyone wants to hear your radio. 

Enjoy the beach showers but lessen environmental impact by leaving your shampoos and gels at home.

Take your litter with you. If you take it in take it out, plus some more. Littering is not only an offense, but it makes the beaches look ugly, and can be a hazard for marine life. Enjoy being at nature in natural surroundings and keep the beach clean. 

9. Don't Go Naked In Certain Public Areas 

Many areas at nudist beaches require clothing, such as in the parking area, shops, cafes.  If you go outside of the designated nudist area be respectful of other people who share the beach and are not nude. Put your clothes on before you leave, don't give people cause to complain.

10. Have Fun 

The sense of freedom that comes with visiting a naturist beach. There is nothing as liberating as enjoying the warm sun on your bare bottom. 

Following the rules will help make your nudist beach experience enjoyable for all and helps to keep these much-needed naturist designated beaches open and helps to give naturism a good reputation.

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