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10 Reasons to be a Naturist


10 Reasons for Being a Naturist


This article and accompanying short film (on explores reasons for enjoying naturism.

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When thinking about the reasons we realised that each reason connected to another. That like naturism itself the positives interconnect. You cannot just take away one positive from being a naturist as each point automatically leads you to another.


Like all good things the rewards domino against each other and there is no beginning or end but a continuous circle. Like the circle of life itself naturism naturally moves from one reward to the next.


Many find that when they start their naturist journey for one reason, they continue it for another and then another. Becoming a naturist can start an endless journey that continues to benefit you for the rest of your life.


Here is one circular list of reasons for being a naturist.




1 It's Bonding


By removing our clothes we remove barriers and shields that distance us from other people. Encouraging open and honest behaviour and discouraging secrets and lies.


Naturism is also social and active and so it brings people and families together both in the physical sense and also in the emotional sense. Allowing problems and issues to be dealt with in a more positive way.


This positive bonding and growth of open and trusting relationships and friendship can help in dealing with loss, grief and anxiety – which leads to many finding that ...


2 It's Healing


You can get strength from the connection to others via naturism but also through the act of being a naturist.


Being naturally naked connects you to the world and gives you an emotional sense of belonging.


Naturism encourages body confidence. Which discourages hang ups about yourself and the emotional and physical issues that come with such pain. This positive emotional support means that many love naturism because they see that...


3 It's Healthy


Naturism is not just great for the mind but it is also great for the body.


Vitamin D helps to fight against diabetes, multiple sclerosis and cancers. It supports the brain, nervous and immune systems. Strong teeth and bones, and lung and cardiovascular health.


The lifestyle encourages outdoor activities and being naked allow the skin to breath and regulate itself better. It also discourages bacteria growth from wet, dirty or sweaty clothes.


Naturists are going to feel more comfortable about being naked in front of medical professionals or talking honestly with them and so are less likely to let an illness go ignored.


It is also so much easier looking after family and loved ones when they need care if you are already used to seeing them naked. It also takes the embarrassment away from the person needing care during a time when they may already feel vulnerable and compromised.


Spending more time together naked also means we are more likely to be aware of body changes in ourselves and our loved ones. Changes that may be a danger to our health may get noticed and dealt with at a much earlier stage.


By teaching us to look after ourselves and be aware of each others bodies naturism shows that...


4 It's Educational


Naturism encourages body awareness. It helps us to understand the changes our bodies go through. From birth to death. Through sickness and health.


Naturist are more tolerant and empathetic of different sizes, shapes and physical disorders.


Children have a better understand about puberty and talking about it is easier. Many believe that children growing up without the taboo and mystery about the human body can remove the need for children to turn to pornography or underage sex as a learning tool.


It is also believed that cultures with a more positive attitude towards naturism have less teenage pregnancies, less abuse and discourage unhealthy ideas about nudity and the human body.


Naturist children can understand more clearly the difference between right and wrong behaviour involving the body because they have not been encouraged to see the human body in itself as bad.


Naturism offers these positives to our understanding of our bodies and society because...


5 It's Natural


We are born naked and are always having to get naked. When we wash, when we get changed, when we get up, when we go to bed...


Children love to be naked. They haven't yet learnt the unnecessary, unnatural and unhealthy expectations that modern society dictates that we should feel about nudity.


When we are naked we feel a link to the earth, nature, our humanity and our past. Many naturists care deeply about the environment. Being naked more helps the environment with less clothes being manufactured and washed.


When you walk along the coast naked you cannot help but feel both incredibly powerful and at the same time incredible small. You become connected to the universe and part of a much bigger picture. Part of the history of humanity. It doesn't matter who you are...


6 It's Equalising


Naturism is for all ages, genders and cultures. At it's basic level it is free and simple. It doesn't matter if you are a naturist once every year or so on holiday, are a regular member of a club or if it is part of your daily life. It is free of uniforms and other symbols of our professions, wealth and status.


We are all unique in our own skin and yet linked by our common nudity.


When naked we have very few differences and naturism removes the need to be obsessed by those differences. Naturism encourages us to feel that...


7 It's Comfortable


Not just comfortable about ourselves and our bodies and with each other.


We have no annoyances from tight or badly fitting clothes. No bits of skin or parts of the anatomy being pulled and pinched. The body can breathe, feel and adjust to its natural shape.


You don't have to sit in wet and sand filled swimwear and you dry and warm up so quickly.


It doesn't matter if you are in the skimpiest of swimwear. The difference it makes between wearing something and not is unimaginable until you actually try it. Being a naturist isn't just more pleasant...


8 It's Practical


No wet patches on towels, chairs or loungers. You don't have to worry about nipple slips or body hair lines and exposure. No awkward changing wrapped in towels, balancing on one leg.


Using shower blocks is so much easier especially with children. No clothes falling on wet floors as you attempt to dress in small cubicles. You can walk in as a family with one wash bag, walk out again, you may not even need a towel, there is joint responsibility of the children and the whole process is simplified.


You can pack less when you holiday.


You can be spontaneous. If you pass a beach when out for the day, you can just go to it without pre-planning. You don't need a costume and you can just dry in the sun.


You don't need to worry about whether your outfit still fits, is fashionable or if it looks tatty. Naturism needs no accessories. Naturism encourages you to not need additions and find that...


9 It's Attractive


It isn't just about having more body confidence. It isn't just that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way or that it encourages to look beyond the media idea of fashionable looks.


You don't have white bits where you are covered and red bits where you were covered.


Without the bulges and hang overs from badly fitting clothes you feel like you are in better shape.


You feel less self-conscious and you understand that no one is perfect. It helps you feel more confident about your looks and once you feel more attractive inside it encourages you to respect your appearance on the outside. Then you start to take better care of yourself.


Naturism can make you feel good about yourself in a very short time and when you feel relaxed and confident you soon realise that naturism is a joy and...


10 It's Fun


Whether you are alone, half of a couple, part of a family or a member of a group of friends naturism is a great way to escape the many concerns of everyday life.


If it wasn't a great, entertaining and joyous thing to do the all the other positives would have less meaning.


Naturism is a brilliant way to meet and connect with wonderful, kind, open, honest, respectful and supportive people. You meet these people and make new friends because naturism is... Well...


1 It's Bonding ….


So this circle of 10 reasons to be a naturist is complete. What would your 10 reasons be?

Thanks for reading - Anna and Steve

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