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Naturism and Families


Naturism and Families

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Naturism - A Family Friendly Lifestyle

Naturism can be generally described as being universal, being suitable for all, being open to everyone. It can be seen as going through life as you would in any social situation, but just without the use of clothes. If a situation is suitable for everyone young and old when dressed, then it should be the same when naked.

There may be exceptions in naturism just as there are in the textile world. It may be too late, too dangerous, too boring for children to go to some naturist events. There are naturist venues that cater for those wishing a quiet break from noisy children and others that can not except children for insurance reasons. Generally the behaviour of naturists remains family - friendly even if children are not involved, and that is how we perceive naturism. Sometimes it is lovely to escape to the beach during a school day and just chill without having to worry about entertaining children. Our behaviour is no less universal or appropriate because of the break from the children, nor is the behaviour of the other single people and couples who visit beaches with out children. People behave on a naturist beach as appropriately as they would on any beach, in any park, or a supermarket or a restaurant.

Naturism Has to Be Seen as Suitable For Families

Naturism is about body acceptance and body awareness. This makes it appropriate for everyone. Families with children should be welcome at the majority of naturist venues and events. Naturists reject the view in society that nudity and sex are synonymous. Children do not need safeguarding from natural nudity. They need safeguarding from danger and abuse anywhere in society. Genuine naturism poses no such threats.

No child should grow up afraid of seeing the human body.

Like all aspects of life, you cannot guarantee the good behaviour of those around you. If in the unlikely event of a child witnessing inappropriate behaviour. A naturist child is more likely to deal with it better than a non-naturist. The naked body itself will not be a shock. They will also be more likely to be able to talk about the incident with their parents in an open fashion. Naturist children can also be considered to have a greater knowledge of what is the right and wrong behaviour when it comes to the human body. They are maybe less naive than other children about such things. So they will be more aware of predatory or inappropriate behaviour.

Why Do Some People Have Trouble With Family Naturism?

Some people are purely uncomfortable with the idea of social nudity and others see it as strange. Yes, naturism may be scary for some, it may be odd to others. Isn’t childbirth scary and couldn't believing in an unseen entity be considered odd? Billions still do it.

Some people can only equate nudity with sex. There are many people who only really get naked in the company of another when they are being intimate. Even then it can involve being under the bed covers or having the light off. Do people really have an idea that naturist beaches are a scene of some sort of Roman orgy? Of course, they don’t. They just like to imagine that if they aren't naturists then it must be wrong. Even if they don't really have a good reason in their heads to explain why. So the best that they can do is imagine that it is a sordid environment unsuitable for families.

Sadly, there are those in a small minority that bring sex, voyeurism and exhibitionism into a social environment. This could be having liaisons in dunes, flashing in parks and enjoying the sneaky capturing of photos of buttocks and cleavage in public streets. Seldom are these activities actually connected to genuine naturists and can take place anywhere including textile beaches. We have never seen any naturist misbehave and we have spent many hundreds of hours at different beaches. However, reports exist and it doesn’t matter how many 1000s of naturists are well behaved at a beach if a single person is caught being inappropriately it can be used as an excuse to bring the naturist status of that beach into question. If a clothed person acted incorrectly in a public park, would it be considered that dressed people should be banned from such places? The answer is no. If it wasn't every city in every country would have green spaces available for naturists to enjoy.

It is completely wrong for the behaviour of a small minority to tarnish the honest, open and decent behaviour of the majority of naturists. It should not be allowed to reflect badly on naturism which is a healthy lifestyle, completely safe for children.

There is also an almost obsessional fear of safeguarding children

Child abuse around the world is justly hated but has been allowed to become a paranoid fear. In some countries adults are afraid to approach children when they appear upset. Children are banned from sitting on Santa’s knee. Teachers are not allowed to hug children when they are hurt. These things cannot be healthy and are counterproductive to children growing up aware of what levels of trust they should feel towards people. How can they judge “bad behaviour” if they are kept sheltered from “all behaviour”? How do they recognise danger when they are encouraged to see it every where.

Unfortunately, naturism has been used by some, particularly on the internet, as a disguise for getting away with sharing indecent imagery of children. This behaviour is wrong and needs to be stamped out. However, it cannot be used to suggest that children are less safe in a naturist environment than in a textile environment. People are guilty of child abuse from all walks of life, culture and careers.

My best suggestion is that if anyone comes across a website that uses the term “naturist” or “nudist” to get away with showing a multitude of images of naked children report them to a watchdog body like the IWF, just as you should if you came across a website doing the same thing but not attempting to hide behind such words. These sites encourage a mistrust in naturism which in the long run will be bad for us all.

The vast majority of naturists don’t have inappropriate thoughts towards children. Seeing nudity as a normal every day thing, removes its taboo status and likewise removes the perversions and secrecy attached to it. Naturists wish children to feel safe and secure as naturists. Children represent the future of naturism. The wider participation of families will also secure the good name of naturism to those that don’t understand the practice and encourage more people to try naturism for themselves. Naturism is fantastic fun for families.

Children love being naked.

Clothes are not comfortable and children have an instinctive want to remove them. Imagine you are a year old and have spent most of your life so far in a soggy nappy, jumpsuits, layers of knitted cardigans, booties and silly hats. You have just learned to walk and you are taken to a beach and stripped off. The sense of freedom, the sand between your toes, the ease of maneuvering about, the warm air on your skin and the new found agility you feel. Our first son took his initial steps while naked on a beach. I am sure it was because he felt less constrained and had a more natural balance.

Children don’t naturally lose this want to be naked as as they grow. The instinct to be nude remains. It is something that is slowly covered over through suggestions and demands placed on them by society. Often our loving and well meaning parents are the first to encourage us to hide our bodies and also start hiding their own from us. The start for most of a loss of innocence but with no real reason given to explain what has suddenly changed and what is so wrong with being naked. At any given opportunity, though a child will strip off in the garden, at home, or at a beach or park, to play in mud, sand and water and to run around. Many children will begin to do this secretly because the child worries about being told off by their parents. The start of possibly many guilty associations of being naked and having a normal body.

It should be a guilt free pleasure. A joy of life. How many of us who, growing up in a non-naturist environment remember how being in the bath could never last long enough. Did you want to stay in the bath when it was being emptied even though you were cold, just because you loved the feeling of being naked in the water. Imagine how nice it would have been to be allowed to do that in swimming pools, in public parks, around rivers, in the garden. Just running around carefree. That is what naturism offers to children and allows them to share with their families.

It is Good, Clean, Safe, Healthy Fun.

Sensible parents (naturist or textile) don't take their children to a beach and ignore them. There is the sea to worry about, cliffs, rocks and rock pools, let alone the fear of getting lost in the crowds. Why would you ignore your children just because you are naked? Parenting duties stay as keen for naturists at a swimming pool, campsite or resort being naked makes no negative difference. Though it may make a positive difference. Naturist families often seem to be among those families who have greater communication and friendships with their children. Spend any time on a naturist beach with other families and you see constant group interaction. There is very little time given to switching off. It could be because naturists have kept that natural joy of being naked connected to childhood. Naturist families seems to enjoy playing and interacting more than the average textile family. Maybe naturist are more young at heart.

It appears that naturism offers a safer environment for families. Naturists have more of a tendency to watch out for each other, communication seems stronger. Their children interact better as well and so you have a real feeling of community on the beaches and campsites. Being socially naked around others creates openness and trust that seems less readily achieved in many other aspects of life. Most naturists will share information with other naturists. This includes warnings, they don’t just turn away, they will come over and mention it to you and to other people on the beach. The amount of times we have been given advice about tides, jelly fish, jagged stones under the sea....

It Is Good For Children’s Bodies

Naturism tends to involve being active out of doors that has to be good. Our children run around and swim and play constantly. Naturist areas also tend to be in areas that are less polluted. So children are having these adventures in fresh clean air by the sea or surrounded by trees, plants and wildlife.

The sun a source of vitamin D, helps protect the body from many diseases including rickets. It helps with the absorption of calcium and strengthening the immune system. Sun exposure is seen as essential to the strong development of bones in children. Of course, we have to be careful that we don’t allow our children to get sun burnt. However, naturists are much less likely to turn up on a holiday and expose their skin to the sun for the first time in a year which is often the cause of such mishaps.

Swimwear is also known to carry bacteria. One of the reasons that swimwear is banned from almost all swimming pools at naturist clubs around the world. Clothing also affects the skins abilities to repel moisture, breathe and dry naturally.

It is Good For their Minds

By teaching children that nudity is natural and that they should not be ashamed of their bodies they will learn to respect their bodies and develop a positive body image. This will help through puberty and into adulthood. Children who have grown up with a diversity of bodies around them will be less likely to have concerns about their own bodies. This will help combat a want for plastic surgery, developing eating disorders and depression related to how they conceive themselves.

Growing with the body not hidden also encourages children to understand body transformations like old age, pregnancy and puberty. Naturist families will also find it easier to talk about and deal with these changes. The body not being a taboo subject in the first place. It is believed by some that children who grow up as naturists tend to be more self-confident, open, feel better about their bodies and are more well adjusted sexually.

Children growing up in naturist families are less likely to turn to disturbing and confusing pornography to learn about the body. They are also going to be in less of a hurry to seek out physical intimacy. They will be used to seeing the human body of both sexes and it will not hold such an air of mystery. Losing this need to experience nudity in this way can help to reduce underage sex and teenage pregnancy issues. It can be argued that it encourages your child to wait until they find the right emotional connection instead of just looking for any physical connection and experience.

In Conclusion

Naturism shouldn't be seen as exclusively for families but it should be kept primarily suitable for everyone to enjoy and that includes families. Whether that is on beaches, in the majority of resorts or the way it is portrayed in the media and in websites like ANW. It is the best way to encourage a better acceptance of naturism and to encourage more people to try it.

Naturism for families is first and foremost a positive experience. It helps build healthy family bonds and encourages open communication, honesty and play.

There is no guarantee that nothing bad will happen to a child at a naturist location. Bad things can happen to naturist children and not all naturists are trustworthy. However, that is the same for every aspect of life and should be seen as no reason to stop enjoy life and taking part in the natural joys that naturism brings.

Naturist families are guaranteed a lot of fun and adventure in the fresh air. Their children will also be developing a strong body and mind. Learning positive skills to use in bonding with their family today, and with their future relationships. Many believe they will also be more likely to be happy, self-confident and well-adjusted individuals. The sort of people who will continue to support and protect healthy family-friendly naturism for future generations.

Thanks for reading - Anna and Steve

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