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An Interview with ANW Member John - Rediscover Freedom - From Gloucestershire, England


As part of ANW's want to enhance understanding and appreciation of naturism we are sharing a selection of articles and interviews with ANW members exploring naturism around the world. ANW believes in safeguarding naturism with a genuine, healthy and respectful approach to social nudity and in doing so has an ever growing membership of friendly and appropriate users.

We also believe that naturism unites us and connects us. Beyond national boundaries, age, gender, religion sexual orientation and culture. These articles aim to show our connect through our mutual respect and understanding of social nudity. Inspiring people to get involved with naturism and the various naturist opportunities the world has to offer. 


We welcome John the owner of Rediscover Freedom from Gloucestershire, England:

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your part of the world.
I was born in Manchester and now live in the Forest of Dean now for over 20 years. My childhood years were spent at our home. When I finished my CSE’s at school, I joined the Royal Navy and served 22 years, since then I’ve done various engineering roles which I still do. About 15 years ago I started my well-being path doing quite a few years of detailed training as an Alexander Technique teacher and then an EAM mentor. I now offer my wellbeing services at evenings and weekends. Very soon I’ll be finishing my engineering role and doing what I sense I’m here to do; that is helping people to realign themselves so they can have the life they have dreamt.

2. What was the attitude towards nudity and naturism in your home and upbringing as a child and teen?
As a child, nudity wasn’t mentioned or I never heard it spoken about, when I was very young I liked to go around naked, I guess I had a quiet word from someone and was told it wasn’t right and nudity quietly disappeared. The next time was at secondary school having a shower after sports, I was very embarrassed as I was a later developer, the other boys had or where developing pubic hair I had nothing so I did my best to quickly shower and get dressed without any conversations about puberty.
A year years later when I was onboard a ship, there were communal showers, wearing clothes in the bathrooms was a no no, simply because they would get wet. I remember biting the bullet, walking into the bathroom with just a towel around my waist, taking it off and putting it on the shelf above the sink mirror; I was naked with all the others, no one noticed or commented about anything. What a joy. My fear of nakedness disappeared.

3. How did you first get involved in naturism and what were your initial thoughts.
I’ve been a solitary naturist for as long as I remember, my secret to myself, always covering up when others are around, in fact I was a naturist with clothes on and naked underneath. I wasn’t until a few years ago when doing my EAM training where I was letting go of thoughts and beliefs that weren’t serving me that the belief about clothes popped up, do clothes truly serve me and the answer was no. So off they came and what a relief. Last year I attended a few BN events, nothing this year as I’ve been to busy or the dates have clashed with something else.

4. Do you think that your initial reasons and attitudes towards naturism have changed since then?
Yes, since the hiatus of letting go of my clothes a I wanted to be naked everywhere, funnily enough I’m happier in clothes, I now know I wear them for others and not me. I wear them when it suits the occasion, once the occasion is over i default to naturism.

5.Tell us about your naturist adventures so far.

Last year was a busy naturist year, it was my fledgling year, I went to Nudefest, Windermere.


6. Tell us about the service you offer naturist through ANW and how it works. And how it fits with naturism. 
It’s a clothes optional service, where I offer either in person or on line, I personally prefer in person. I work either with groups, couples or singles to firstly to calm them down to become present and grounded. If this is all I can do it has such a great benefits, I then work on a topic they want to work on, this may be physical pain, stress, anxiety, relationships with others. It is the thoughts and beliefs they carry that cause their problems. The objective of the work is to lead them to be in balance physically and psychologically, to be in psychophysical unity. It is very powerful and has rapid effects to those I’ve worked with.

7. How would you best explain naturism to someone new to it and what advice would you offer to them?
Naturism is a choice, a chance to be truly yourself without the influence of others. It is a way of life that is freeing and beautiful. Everyone should witness it, in fact many are naked for a third of their day and don’t even realise it. That’s when they are in bed

8. If ANW wasn't about naturism but something else entirely what other life choice/hobby/interest/passion...would have made you consider joining it?
My well-being work has led me to read about paganism, a lot of what I do is ancient knowledge and aligns with paganism, you may have guessed it, a group about paganism.

9. What do you think naturism has taught you about yourself and do you think it has changed you in any way?
We are all the same once we let our barriers down and there is nothing to fear, I’ve discovered naturism through my work in managing anxiety and depression. I’m now more content with myself and open to others, happy to listen and offer whatever support they need. Letting my barriers down has made it easier to be myself and my own authority in my life.

10. Do you think that there are certain people better suited to naturism and others that are not suited to it and if so why do you think that?
Naturism is open to all however it depends on their mindset, if they think naturism is a pathway for sexual encounters and or voyeurism, they will be upset and easily noticed. Naturism is about the love of everything without any rules and or conditions, if there are any then it is not real naturism.   

11. How does  your country consider naturism? How do the laws stand supporting naturism? What are the national and local opportunities like? 
I live in the UK, it is supported legally however many don’t understand the legal stance as many think nudity in public equals a sexual predator. I see this changing slowly and there is more acceptance as there is an acceptance of other diversities. I don’t like naturism being part of the diversities, if needs must, and naturism is major accepted then I’ll live with it.

12. How would you like to see the future of naturism developing over the next 30 years and do you feel these ideas are achievable.
I see naturism becoming more of the norm and accepted, as I stated in question 11, there are many ideas and plans to introduce naturism to the masses, the news loves the news about naturism though they do skew the real news to suit their readership: any news is good news!

13 What are the biggest problems that naturism is currently facing? Do you think these are worldwide concerns? Are these problems any different from when you first became a naturist?
In the UK the common belief is that naturism is a sexual activity, when we get over this hurdle things will change for the better, I can’t comment on what’s happening worldwide. I’ve been practicing naturism for only a few years so I haven’t notice much change in this time.

14. If the world was accepting of naturism - happy to take on a clothing optional policy in most situations - how do you think it would change the way society works - what positives could you imagine and do you think there would be any negatives?
I sense that this would be difficult and naturism is a mindset that accepts things as they are, there will alway be others with a different point of view that strive for control over others. To gain control the easy way is to divide people. 
I’d love a world that we wear clothes only to meet environmental needs; to keep warm, protection at work, I think that is about it. Being free without the sexualisation of people that clothing brings.

15. Are there any aspect of naturism that frustrates you or annoys you or you feel let down by? Are there any answers that you can think of to put these things right?
As a lone male naturist, my wife prefers not to engage, I’ve tried a couple of time to join naturist clubs only to be told that there is a long waiting time for men to join and if I joined as a couple I could join immediately. This is unfair and does not meet equality, I know they are private clubs and they set their own rules.

16. Has there ever been a specific day, location, venue, activity that at the end of it has made you think - this is naturism at its best?
When I attended the Windermere weekend last year, as a single I was welcomed and felt part of the event. Lots of chats to those there and really enjoyed the activities. I was sad that I had to leave and felt it aw just not long enough

17. Do you speak to friends and family about your naturism? How has that been? Do you have any tips? Has it ever had a bad effect on a relationship?
Yes, some have said, why tell me it doesn’t bother me and others the opposite. My tips are to tell them, ask them if it’s ok to be naked in front of them, then it is their choice, respect their choice and dress appropriately or not

18. What five words would you use to describe naturism that people who haven't tried naturism may not have considered and what five words would you say doesn't describe naturism that those same people may wrongly consider to be true.
Freedom, ease, connection, nature & love, predator, weird, unnatural, cult & mental

19. If you were to close your eyes and consider naturism as an animal, a colour and a food item what three answers would come to mind? 
A dog, green & salad

20. Do you have any naturist regrets?
My wife doesn’t like nudity

21. Why do you think people should join ANW? What can existing naturists get from it and how about "newbies”?
It's different to BN, I’m a member, ANW seems to be more free flowing without the necessary rules BN has, ANW is a friendly space to engage with other naturists.

22. If you could go anywhere in the world as a naturist where would it be?
I thought of a beach but I get bored lying around, I’d opt for a long walk somewhere, completing the Offa’s Dyke walk naked, enjoying the sun on my back without the need for clothes.

23. Any other thoughts and considerations to add?
Naturism is a way of life, it is a choice, it is a fantastic choice, the people in the community I’ve met a caring, connected and love their nudity. I now want to meet more naturists and if I can help them to let go of their fears and pain so they can really discover who they really are when they are in balance with whatever life brings them.
See you soon.

ANW thank John for this wonderful interview and sharing his thoughts with ANW. 

ANW welcomes all who are respectful and interested in naturism and invite all genuine naturist organisations, clubs, events, venues and other opportunities to be part of the ANW community and work with us to encourage the growth and acceptance of naturism around the world. If you have any questions email Anna and Steve at [email protected]

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