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Nurturing Naturism


If you enjoy this article and feel inspired then you may find that ANW is the perfect internet platform for you to celebrate your love of naturism. ANW celebrates the freedom and natural independence that naturism offers but also recognises the importance that national federations and local clubs holds in the naturist community - our past, present and future. We have a passion for naturism and invite anyone who feels the same to join us. 

We recently wrote 31 Ways to Enjoy Naturism. This was more than just a bit of fun to countdown to the New Year. When we wrote it we firmly had all of 2023 in mind and the years beyond. We hope that if you read it as one long article it shows a passion for naturism that can - if allowed - become a part of all of our lives.


The idea being that naturism is more than just sun, sea and sand and with a little imagination and enough inspiration we can enjoy it in various ways all year long.


In December 2021 we created a companion countdown of 31 Reasons to Choose Naturism. If you read these two extended projects together then it is hard to ignore the fact that naturism offers us many reasons to embrace it and many opportunities to do the same.


Enjoying Naturism is not just about being naked and can be interpreted as much more. Break it down and NATURISM is:


Natural – there is nothing forced or odd – it is basic and instinctive

Adventurous – it can take you on physical and emotional journeys to anywhere

Timeless – part of your history – part of society's history

Universal – it is for everyone – no matter what their age, gender, culture

Respectful – to yourself, others, the environment, our bodies, our health

Integral – it can be added to much of the other parts of your life – work, rest and play

Social – at home, away, on the internet – there are always nice friends to meet

Meaningful – it can teach you, heal you, guide you – and can do the same for society


Even if we ignore the many positives we get from naturism we cannot ignore the fact that we love it because it is fun. Like all things that we enjoy and that do us good, we should be looking at more ways to appreciate naturism and at increasing the time we spend involved in naturism too.


This is our hope for 2023.


In 2022 we asked people to Get Back to Naturism. A reflection of our want to see people enjoying naturism again after Covid lockdowns, to combat the misuse of naturism on the internet and an acknowledgement that naturism is about reclaiming the innocence we felt for nudity as a child and the acceptance of nudity that is built within our nature.


This year we want to ask people to consider Nurturing Naturism.


Nurturing Naturism – like Get Back to Naturism has a multiple meaning.


A statement of fact about the lifestyle – Naturism is Nurturing on a personal and social level – as covered in 31 Reasons to be a Naturist.


A suggestion our our own intentions. ANW is Nurturing Naturism and want others to do the same. Protecting, supporting, growing, feeding - inspired by 31 Ways to Enjoy Naturism.


In other words “Nurturing Naturism” means that naturism takes care of us and we have to take care of naturism. A mutually beneficial relationship. In the same way that ANW provides a community platform for naturists and naturists provide ANW with that community – giving it their backing through time, respect and funding. Neither can exist without the genuine intentions of both.


Our slogan this year is Nurturing Naturism but how will we turn those words into action.


This is where all of you come in – hopefully inspired by the 31 ways to enjoy naturism – and maybe other ideas.

Increase your Naturism. Add Naturism to each month of your year. Make it more and more an integral part of your life. Involve your family and friends. Families are the cornerstone of naturism. 


Reach Out to Others. Through the pages of ANW, national bodies, clubs, swims. Comment, rate and review ANW friends, blogs and articles. Get chatting to fellow naturists at beaches. 

Share ANW. Tell fellow naturists, friends and naturist clubs and other enterprises about ANW. Get involved in Blogs and Articles on ANW. Maximise Your Membership. Create Albums, vote in Polls, debate in the Forum. Use the ANW logo on your profile on social media via the New ANW Logo Branding page. Tell people around the world that we are Nurturing Naturism. 

Spread Knowledge. Rate and Review Explore pages on ANW. Tell ANW about beaches or opportunities that you feel need adding to Explore. Place links on social media to ANW public articles - you will find these links at the bottom of all applicable pieces with Articles. Tell non-naturists about naturism. Share your naturism safely and sensibly – follow genuine naturists and block those that are not. Consider taking part in an ANW public article/Interview - these have had many thousands of reads since we launched the initiative in the summer of 2022 - take information about naturism into general social media without attempting to shock through nudity. Find out more by reading Reach Out Beyond ANW with Public Articles 


Make use of Existing Opportunities. Go to events, book holidays, visit beaches. Give yourself a naturist budget and book holidays, join federations, support ANW. ANW has over 4000 opportunities in the Explore section – become inspired.


Create Your Own Opportunities. As an individual or working with others start to fill those spaces in your life or your locality with naturist choices.


Can you really do that?

If you have the drive and passion – then why not?


We created ANW because we wanted a decent naturist platform to exist for our own use. We felt that the internet let down naturism on so many levels and we figured if we want something better then so will others.


What do you want?

If it doesn't exist make it happen.


Maybe it is enjoying a near-by beach, have local meet ups with other naturists, having local spaces to share as a naturist, events to take part in, hikes to join, swimming sessions. Groups that share naturism and other interests – painting, kite flying, model making, wine tasting...


The laws of your country may get in the way, your own locality may place you in an obscure situation but there are always compromises and solutions. You may not be able to enjoy naturism in a public place for example but you may be able to use private premises.


Think about who you are aiming your naturist idea to. Everyone is perfect, but if you want only have adults or a specific gender you have to make sure people know this and maybe understand why.


Once You Decide


Find others to help make it happen. OK say you want a local swimming session or want to be part of a naturist hiking group. You need to find others who will want to join you. You can start by using the connections you have made via ANW and elsewhere.


If you are interested in a specific venue contact them and find out how many people you need to make it viable. How many people would you need for a swim, or to book a bowling alley, or a restaurant or pub? Once you have a number in mind you can start to build those numbers up.


Start crunching dates and other specifics.



What about those venues?

Locations want to make money. They want to have bookings, fills seats, sell tickets etc. If they are not afraid of naturism and you can supply them with their other needs then they may be delighted to welcome you. You will not know unless you try – and what have you got to lose? They can say “You Must be Joking” or consider you a pervert but it doesn't do you much harm does it?


If you can explain that naturism is a health, safe, suitable and appropriate lifestyle then that is a great start. Some venues may even see it as a great business idea and see room for promotional opportunities.



The Sky is The Limit

You can let your imagination soar. You know where you live but don't forget that you may take some places for granted. Consider the area you come from as a tourist. Art galleries, museums, open gardens. Send out letters asking what they need for private bookings. Certain days, nights or out of season times may be surprisingly easy to fulfil. You may not have the clout of a national body and be able to fill the Eden Project or Alton Towers but you may find that making the initial connection may domino a series of events falling in to place that eventually leads to it happening.


There are many smaller venues to though. How about a jazz club, or a small campsite happy to have a weekend put over to naturism, a small spa hotel that only needs a dozen couples.


You may even find that organising an event linked to a local or national charity is a perfect way to encourage support.


You Can Start Small

Inviting people to a coffee morning, or organising a group trip to a beach, or a local ramble. Once you get chatting you may come up with some great ideas as a group.


Consider Costs

Unless you intend to turn your idea into a business work at keeping costs to a sensible minimal. Unless you run up your own fees don't add to the venues charges. If there is a small amount of expense ask those that turn up to all chip in. If you expect a minimal of 10 people and the cost is £100 then tell them before hand that it will be around £10 each depending on exact numbers. If 13 turn up then they can pay a little less each or you can take a little extra for your organising costs and time or towards the next event you organise.


Keep Safe and Nurture Naturism


Be sensible with you approach. Try to get to know people and gain a trust in them before meeting up in a small group situation. If anyone behaves inappropriately send them packing, and if they have paid to be there, then that is their loss. Naturism will only grow and become more accepted if we behave in an acceptable way. The venue, other naturists and non-naturists will not allow these opportunities to continue or happen again if a minority are allowed to ruin them. Good behaviour on the other hand will do wonders for our lifestyle – and encourage others to try it.


How Can ANW Help?


We will help the best we can within the genuine interest of naturism and for the good of the site and the community.


If you are raising money for charity, writing blogs or creating other content and you are looking for support it could be worth you having a Fundraising Page. We do not charge for such pages and do not take any fees.


We will help you set up a local Meet-Up Group to allow you to start building up connections in your area. Only subscribing members or verified members can join groups – so it is a good way to ensure that people are not fakes. Ask those interested to become verified first.


You can announce your idea on the ANW Forum. And the Main Activity Feed. And on Your Profile.


You can write a Community or ANW Members Only Blog about your intention and plans.


We will help promote you Meet-Up Group and planned Events on ANW, on the Monthly Newsletter, via our blog Diary updates and across Social Media.


Depending on the level of the occasion it may be that an Event page becomes suitable and if we are able to join you we could write about the time afterwards for the A Naturist Family blog or possibly organise an Article.


If you need to raise funding for an event we can help you set up a donations page – once we feel comfortable that you have genuine intentions and plans that are likely to go a head.


We are shortly going to produce a letter template to use as a base to create your own first connection with venues.


ANW will support all suitable not-for-profit and low-key meet-ups and events as part of your Life or Annual Membership. We want to Nurture Naturism – first and foremost.


If, you are organising an ongoing money making group of events, one off profit making venture or events connected to an existing enterprise we would support you on ANW and externally as mentioned above but also with a relevant Explore page and with other aspects of being an Enterprise Member. The extra fee for being an Enterprise member is £20 or £30 a year (or your currencies current conversion) so you will not have to generate many sales to cover this charge and you can create Event pages as well as having your Sponsored or Featured page in the Explore section.


If you are reading this and don't organise events but are involved in a naturist business, club, federation or other naturist endeavour and want to work with ANW to promote your opportunity do reach out. We would love to work with you too.


If anyone has any questions about any of the above do reach out to Steve and Anna at [email protected]


Together let us all make 2023 a year of Nurturing Naturism.


Thanks for Reading- Anna and Steve

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