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Interview with ANW Member SamD50


An Interview with ANW member SamD50.

As part of ANW's want to encourage a greater understanding and appreciation of naturism we aim to share a selection of interviews with ANW members to show that naturism is for everyone, and explore the all important human element of the naturist and ANW community.



An Introduction


My wife and I live in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and both of us, having lived other places in our life, absolutely love it here, for numerous reasons. After I am gone, I can see her relocating to be nearer our children for the sake of being near family as she ages. But for now, we as a couple have no desire to be anywhere but here, and together. We are the closest of friends and can speak easily for one another, because we are of one mind.


Regarding personal information: This can be read in my profile on ANW and to avoid redundancy, I will just give the basics. I was born in Up-state New York in 1950. My family moved to Arizona when I was around 8 and due to my father’s vocation, we moved every 1.5 to 2 years while I was growing up. I went from High School into the United States Air Force, so the first time in my life that I lived in one place for longer than before, was when I met my wife in Texas and lived there for seven years. Jump forward... we moved here in 2010. So as of this writing, eleven years is my record.


I have worked in corporate security (following the military), dispatch/jailer for county sheriff, city police officer, pastor/preacher of the Gospel of Christ, and now retired. My wife has been in the medical field since 1994, as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. She is very good at what she does and loves her work.


We both love our home and being here together for reading and the process of keeping a home (gardening, etc), and we also thoroughly enjoy hiking, reading, walking by the ocean, reading, sitting and chatting together, reading...and other stuff...including reading.



Attitudes towards nudity and naturism in our childhood homes.



Nudity wasn’t a word that came up in anything resembling normal conversation in our home. The most succinct way I can think to give the essence, is that when my parents had their ‘sex talk’ with us, (my dad with me and my mother with the girls), their demeanor  was embarrassment and their dissemination of information was less than educational. My father and I were out hunting rabbits one day, and as we walked along, he started talking about how I would soon be having an interest in girls and dating and so forth. I agreed to that point; then he said, “The important thing to keep in mind in your relationship with girls, is that you should always treat them the way you would want your mother and your sisters to be treated.” I nodded my hearty agreement; but I had no clue what he was trying to tell me. It wasn’t until years later, as I reflected back to that day, that it suddenly dawned upon me that it was my ‘sex talk.’ I shared that with my sister once, and she laughed and said, “You want to know about my ‘sex talk’? The night before I got married, and after I went to bed, Mom came into the room and sat on the edge of my bed, acting more nervous than I’d ever seen her (no eye contact, hands wringing). She said, “I just want to tell you, now that you’re getting married tomorrow, that the first time you have sex, it hurts.” Then she stood and quickly left the room.” My sister laughed again and said, If he and I hadn’t already been doing it, that would have scared me to death!”


Speaking for my wife, I know she and I have talked about her youth but I’m not sure we have had a discussion specifically about nudity in her home. Knowing her family though, I am certain that nudity or non-nudity was not an issue, as they are very level-headed people, with higher priorities in life than to worry about how a person is dressed or not dressed.


Her brother was an exchange student in Denmark in his youth, and he shared the story from his experience there, that one fun thing his hosts did as a family, was to sit in the hot tub naked until they were well-heated, then run as a group out to the snow and dive into it, making snow angels and so forth, then run back to the tub. I didn’t get the impression that he shared it with either derision or criticism; just point of interest.


In brief, neither of us comes from a background of naturism as a family practice. However, I privately always felt more comfortable being naked. When I went swimming with friends from grade school, we skinny-dipped. When I was at home alone when the family was out, I was naked until I heard the car in the driveway. Otherwise, I never really engaged in the lifestyle until after we were married, and as we lived in Texas, my wife was ready as I was to lounge naked in the backyard pool or vacation at a nudist resort, which is why our girls virtually grew up with it. Accompanied by the fact that when the family was home with no visitors, I was always naked, it was all very natural to them.



An Introduction to Naturism


I guess that would have to be the trip my wife and I took to Bluebonnet Naturist Resort in Texas, 1993. I say that, because as much as I always loved being naked and practiced it at home, this was the first trip for either of us, to a venue of social nudity. If anyone would be interested in reading a true short story about a canoe trip my wife and I took on the Brazos River in Texas, it can be found on Amazon, titled “Two in a Canoe” by Clark Tanner. Sorry that the story isn’t about naturism; it was written about the adventure on the river immediately after we got home. The day after that ill-fated trip, we went to Bluebonnet Naturist Resort and recovered for two days. It was bliss, and as I said, it was the first trip for both of us; but we fitted right in. The folks at Bluebonnet were welcoming and the guests there were of various ages, friendly and open and we went back home feeling as though we had truly had a vacation, sunburn and all.


I gladly credit that visit to Bluebonnet with our successful introduction to social nudity. If it had been a poor experience, I might never have sought out other places to go, which we very much did, and I doubt I ever could have talked my wife into going to another one. As in most relationships, first impressions can be a deal-killer or an open door.


My Relationship with Naturism Over the Years.


Never saw myself as having a definable attitude toward naturism as such. My nudity was kept low-keyed for reasons that should be apparent from above; and because of that, I could count on ten fingers or less the occasions I had to be naked outside of the confines of my home. Even as an adult, it was a family item and not for sharing, as I was, during much of that time, a pastor and my continued ability to minister to people on a spiritual level was more important than convincing them I wasn’t a sinful weirdo. More about that later. The trips we took, as referred to above, were always so far out of our immediate area that I had little to no expectation of seeing anyone we knew.


The only marked change I can think of is that being retired and at my age, I care a great deal less about how I might be received or looked-at regarding my nudist lifestyle. So, my own attitude hasn’t really changed; I just don’t care about other peoples’ attitudes.


My Families Views of My Naturism


There’s not much more to say here that hasn’t already been said. My wife is so ‘ok’ with my naturism, that she helped me figure out and design areas in the yard where I could be nude. Also, if I’m home, I’m naked. The only time she sees me wearing clothing is if we are out or preparing to go out. When it comes to the girls, none of them have continued a naturist lifestyle, as they got away from it in puberty. However, they all know of mine and there are no problems there. In fact, our newest granddaughter, who is 2 years old, seems to enjoy life naked and there has been some light-hearted speculation that we are soulmates.


Explain Naturism to Someone New to It


If I found myself in a conversation with someone who expressed curiosity and/or a desire to explore the lifestyle, I think I would tell them that in my experience I am never more comfortable, to the degree that if it were possible, I would live in a naturist community just so I could spend a larger percentage of my time naked. I would invite them to practice it privately at first, then in a setting where they are with people they trust, and then find opportunities to be naked whenever possible.


I would tell them that there is not a legitimate religion or a valid social more that would condemn them for nudity, for nudity’s sake alone, and that if anyone would shame them for their interest or their involvement, they should seek a way to politely and firmly inform that person that they hope a future relationship can be founded on much stabler ground than either ones’ degree of dress.


If ANW wasn't a Naturist Website


If ANW was suddenly forced to drop naturism from the equation, but everything else about the site stayed the same, I would join and continue there for the safe and friendly place it is. ANW proves to me beyond a doubt, that what makes social media good or bad, is the people who design and administrate it. ANW has stayed safe and friendly because Steve and Anna have been willing to nip problems in the bud without vacillation or apology, while simultaneously reaching out a warm and sincere welcome to all who show a nascent interest and desire to participate. I would be happy to be there just to share with folks around the world. The last two years, aided weirdly by the effects of the pandemic, have shown me how much alike all of us really are underneath the many and often negligible differences.


Does Naturism Suit All?


I am not sure I would use the word ‘suited.’ The only thing it takes to be suited to naturism, is the willingness to be naked; and that isn’t something one is born with like a talent or the right genes. There are many factors that play into whether someone will or will not appropriate the lifestyle.


I would say it this way. People will be interested in certain things and not in others. People will be drawn to some things and repulsed by others. “All” people will never be converted to naturism, any more than “all” people will ever be persuaded to follow NASCAR or engage in a hobby of bird-watching. Without going into long, sad stories, I can say I will never be convinced to develop an interest in sports. I have joked, that if football was the only thing on television, I would use whiteout to cover the screen. I know...stupid joke... but not entirely joking.


That’s just an example.



If the world was accepting of naturism - happy to take on a clothing optional policy in most situations - how do you think it would change the way society works?


That is difficult to imagine with any clarity, because if that was a sudden change in society, of course there would be dramatic results immediately and more subtle changes as society slowly fit into the norm.


If it was always that way from the beginning, or became that way over a long time, then my answer is that over all, I don’t think society would be much different. To speculate on nudity being an accepted norm in society and for there to be any notable changes in the world as we see it today, is to me akin to asking how much different positively or negatively, things would be if the automobile was never invented. There would be people walking, people riding trained animals, families living closer together and so forth; but fundamentally, people would be people. There would be compassionate people and self- absorbed jerks. There would be philanthropists and murderers. There would be teachers and carnival hawkers. In short, if clothing was optional as a worldwide policy, I believe the only notable difference would be some people dressed and some not. In fact, I erred in using the word ‘notable,’ because there would be nothing unusual to note. If there was no such thing as hot, the word ‘cold’ would have no meaning.


Any Naturist Frustrations?



Not naturism in general. Any shortcomings I can conjure in my mind would have to do with individuals, not naturism in general. After all, naturism is not an entity; it’s a frame of mind.


The only thing I would change that would pertain to my little world, would be that there would be many more places and opportunities to be naked, close enough for me to take advantage of them. But I would also like honest politicians and truth in advertising. We

don’t get always what we want.


Steve and Anna asked me to close my eyes and consider naturism as an animal, a colour and a food item.


What answers came to my mind?



When I closed my eyes with this criterion in mind, I immediately envisioned a solid milk chocolate Easter bunny. That has absolutely nothing to do with naturism; I just really like chocolate.


Any Naturist Regrets?


The only regrets in life that I allow myself are the ones that really don’t matter. I regret that instead of rebelling against my parents’ wishes, I had continued my piano lessons. But I don’t wallow in self-pity over not being Jim Brickman. As to more serious things, I cannot regret even my own failures and mistakes that have brought me to where I am now.


It is not that I am not sorry for them; but there is a difference between true repentance and the futility of regret. Would I wish away 33 years with my wife or any of our children? Minor decision-changes in my previous life might accomplish just that! Naturist regrets? What is that? Underneath it all, I’ve always been pretty much naked. I even have a drink coaster that says so...


I’m still trying to get my brain around the term ‘naturist regrets.’ I’ve been accidentally caught naked a couple of times. Big deal. C’est la vie.


Recommending ANW to naturists old and new and those learning about naturism



I was on Facebook for quite a long time. For a much shorter time, I was on Twitter and I’ve very briefly signed on to one or two other sites, then backed out quickly when I was exposed to what they really were. But none of them held a candle to ANW. The transparency and honesty from the roots of the site have resulted in some beautiful growth and soul-nourishing fruit.


It is a place to feel comfortable being entirely open and expect the same from others. How can ‘phony’ and ‘naked’ even exist together? Existing naturists can find a place to have instant exchange with people thousands of miles away and also a resource tool to find places all over the world where folks are of the same mindset.


As to ‘newbies,’ I would just encourage anyone in the range of vaguely interested to already having ‘toes in the water,’ to sign up, then ease in as slowly or rapidly as they feel comfortable with. There will be no pressure and plenty of help, if needed and asked for. There’s nothing threatening about ANW; and staying with the ‘getting into the pool’ analogy, if someone swims around a bit and decides it’s not the place for them, they can climb out without loss or resentment. It’s worth a dip for sure.


Being an “At Home Naturist”


I’m pretty sure that location and opportunities are the two biggest factors. Would I go to a beach if there was one nearby? Of course. Why not? Would I attend a camp setting in the local forests? Absolutely. Do I need all of that to enjoy being without clothes? The thought is backwards. It is because I enjoy being without clothing that I would go to those places. The availability of them has no more to do with my nudity than the distance from here to Milan affects my taste in Italian cuisine.



Some consider naturism to be sacrilegious but there is a strong Christian following in naturism. Why are there two massively differing attitudes in the relationship of Naturism and Religion?


I believe the best way to put those differences into context would be to explain the fundamental error from which the conflict arises.

I am not able to respond to this question without a mini sermon. I cannot apologize for it, because that’s how truth is expressed and there’s no other way to present it.


I have done deliberate research to discover what well-known and respected Christian leaders have said on this issue. Without exception, they have all had what appeared to be strong and valid admonitions against social nudity. But the one thing that stood out to me  from them all, was that as well-meaning as they were, all of their responses ultimately had to do with behavior, not nudity itself. I cannot speak to what they might say if they were confronted face-to-face with that fallacy of reasoning.


Every religion of mankind has had a set of tenants to live by. Every one, has had, as its fundamental message, ‘Do this and live. If you do not, you fail.’ Some would say that remark makes them think of the Ten Commandments in the Bible. So how is Christianity different? The difference is, God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses so that people would understand He is a holy God and has the right to demand holiness. But the Law was not given with the expectation mankind would live up to it. It was given to show them that they could not, so they would reach out for salvation to the One who could.


In the 1970s a ditty came around that said much. “Do this and live” the law commands, but gives me neither feet nor hands. A better way God’s grace did bring, it bids me, “Fly!” and gives me wings.


Has the organization called the Christian church been guilty of sending the wrong, legalistic message to the masses in history? Yup! From books, to movies, to way too many pulpits, that’s what is presented. But please, reconcile any person’s comfort with nudity with this: “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God” No mention there, of keeping law, staying on the ‘straight and narrow,’ ‘plugging away,’ ‘being good,’ etc.


Common sense tells any thinking person, that a man can be a pervert and a crook and a liar, even if he’s bundled up like an Eskimo. Those things come from the putrid heart; they aren’t put on from the outside. Therefore, and conversely, can a person be naked and according to the Bible be right with God through faith in a man who declared that he was going to be crucified and die, but that he was going to rise from death on the third day and his followers should meet him in Galilee...then accomplished exactly that? Why not? What does one have to do with the other? The Bible makes very clear that the only way to be right with God, is to believe that He gives life to the dead and that He calls into being that which did not previously exist. It was belief in those two things for which Abraham was declared to be right with God and told that he (Abraham) would be the symbolic father of all who believe.


Where the rubber meets the road is this.


Did Jesus of Nazareth rise from the dead just as he declared in advance he would?


All other issues fall to the margins or off the page, no matter how pressing or pertinent they may seem on the surface. A person can be right with God whether they are naked, or dressed so heavily that nothing is showing but their eyeballs.


Innocent social nudity has no more to do with that than enjoying a good pipe or dancing.


Final Thoughts


My response to this last question could have been inserted above, concerning frustrations in naturism. But I wanted to save it until last so it would be less likely to be skimmed over or missed by the reader.


It saddens me that there are not many more women, including single women, of all ages, not only in ANW’s membership, but active and sharing and taking part in every aspect.

Women have much richness to share, the absence of which leaves a very large hole. I love the wisdom of women and the blessing of their company. I have told my wife, early in our relationship, that if a scenario existed where I was given the choice of being shut up in a room for some length of time with all men or all women, I would choose the women. My reasoning then, and based largely on my age and life-experience at the time, was that with the women, at least I could be assured of discussion being about something other than sports, cars ... or lies about women.


I am happy that over the subsequent years I have had the pleasure of knowing some fine, well-rounded men. But doggone it! It would be so nice to hear more from the ladies. Oh, and, in all honesty, yes, to see their photos also. I’m old; not dead.


Thank you for this interview and the opportunities you have afforded me here. I hope others will feel free to submit, as I am certain many of them have interesting stories to tell and opinions/beliefs/cares/interests to share.



ANW would like to thank SamD50 for taking part in this interview.


SamD50 was originally a member of our blogging website A Naturist Family and joined ANW on its launch in May 2020. He runs the ANW Group “Home Bodies” that explores the joy of day to day naturism. Celebrating the idea that naturism is not just limited to exotic travels to white sand beaches or relying on the proximity of a local club. Enjoying naturism can be much simpler than that.

ANW welcomes all who are respectful and interested in naturism and invite all genuine naturist organisations, clubs, events, venues and other opportunities to be part of the ANW community and work with us to encourage the growth and acceptance of naturism around the world. If you have any questions email Anna and Steve at [email protected]


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