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Get Back to Naturism


Get Back to Naturism

If you enjoy this article then you may find that ANW is the perfect internet platform for you to celebrate your love of naturism. ANW celebrates the freedom and natural independence that naturism offers but also recognises the importance that national federations and local clubs holds in the naturist community - our past, present and future. We have a passion for naturism and invite anyone who feels the same to join us.

Since the start of 2022, we have added a little catchphrase or motto to the ANW newsletters, social media images and mentioned it occasionally in the forum, blogs and other posts. The encouragement for people to Get Back to Naturism in 2022 is a suggestion with a multi-purpose or meaning.


First of all it is a reaction to Covid and the lockdown and restrictions we have had to face over the last two years. Two years! The idea is a simple one. As we look to returning to some sort of normality and start to feel safe to travel and have experiences again we should not forget to return to naturism. Get back to those beaches and clubs we maybe have missed over the months and if we are looking at booking a holiday make sure it is a naturist one. If you want to pamper yourself after months of emotional confinement then seek out a naturist spa. The Explore section of ANW has around 4000 locations, holidays, clubs, experiences, holistic opportunities and other naturist products and services. Take advantage of everything naturism has to offer. To play with the words of Soul II Soul's song. “Back to Life, Back to Naturism.”


During lockdown many people got used to being naked at home and started to experience naturism for the first time as adults, may be reawakening those childhood experiences of innocently playing around the house. For those new to naturism we want to encourage new connections and experiences – those first beach trips, reaching out to a local club and joining a national body. Not losing the new experience in naturism from 2020 and 2021 but getting back to it on new levels in 2022. The Beatles may have sang “Back in Naturism, you don't know how lucky you are.”


The next meaning is about returning to genuine naturism. In recent years due in mainly to the misuse of naturism on the internet, naturism and particularly the word nudism has been linked by many to sexual exhibitionism, sexual sharing and voyeurism. More venues and events are becoming adult only, not always for libertine reasons, but it is encouraging those interested in trying naturism to have the idea that it isn't a family friendly lifestyle. How many genuine people may be put off naturism by this idea and how many people are becoming attracted to naturism with the wrong intentions? We want to encourage everyone to nurture and promote real naturism with traditional family values. You don't have to have a family to realise the importance of this. We all want to see appropriate behaviour at naturist venues. It is in all our interests to see more people joining naturism and supporting naturist opportunities, the larger and healthier our community is the easier we will find support for and growth of naturism. Basically if we promote a positive idea of naturism it is more likely to see positive growth. If you organise a naturist event or run a naturist venue, ask yourself can it be open to all and not just adults, and if for suitable reasons it cannot, explain clearly that this is not for sexual reasons. If you are on social media and you come across friends or followers who are not appropriate in their actions or images then block them, if they show image after image of random young women that are obviously not connected to them then block them. If they suggest or befriend people who suggest that naturism should also be about sex in the dunes, or consider open crotch shots as furthering sexual liberation then block them. No matter how clever their excuse is worded these profiles are used by men and women with other incentives or misguided incentives. They are doing damage to themselves and others. These attitudes will not encourage an understanding, appreciation and growth of naturism or even sexual liberation. They encourage nudity to be seen as a cheap thrill and encourage people looking for that thrill to follow naturist profiles and websites and possibly venues. If these connections grow we may eventually lose naturism altogether.


To misquote Jefferson Starship “Find Your way back to Naturism.”


Another thing we want people to consider is if they left naturism to consider their reasons and come back to it. Some may now consider their bodies no longer suitable for exposure. This is not a reason that should hamper them. No body is unsuitable for naturism. If you became disillusioned with your national society, do not let it effect your naturism, you may find that you will see that they too have changed. If you have moved then it may be hard to re-find naturist opportunities in your new location but not impossible. Start at home and work from there. If you had a tough experience, don't let that alter your view of naturism learn to re-trust the lifestyle and learn from the experiences. Put yourself first. In ANW we regularly remind people “Protect Yourself, Protect ANW and Protect Naturism.” Never let others put you off. In terms of ANW tell us about anyone who is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable. Don't walk away from the community and leave them to offend others.


So wherever you are in your life, no matter how long it has been, make 2022 the year that you reconnect with naturism. Like John Sebastian, you will find that other naturists will say “Welcome Back.”


It is also so very important to look at our world. As non-renewable resources are running out, and rainforests are destroyed, pollution and waste grows and the human race spreads its presence and its damage to every part of the globe. With hatred, cruelty and abuse displayed by people on a local, national and international level – through crime, bad business dealings, narrow minded political agendas, and war. We need to embrace attitudes that encourage responsibility and care for our world and others. Naturism offers an avenue towards such movement. Many of us frustrated wish like Cher “If I Could Turn Back Time” we cannot do that but we can make changes to our future by returning to more respectful ideas like naturism.


Finally we want people to consider the bigger picture. We are instinctively and natural naturists. It is in our memories from our childhood, but also in our genetics. In centuries past we didn't carry such concern about the human body. Deep in side our conscious we remember not needing to cover our genitals and breasts. Beyond faith, religion and culture we are still connected to our inner nature. It is one of the reasons why first time naturist stories usually involve people relating: How natural it felt. It is the main reasons why all humans are fascinated with nudity. This fascination can show in many weird, wonderful and disturbing ways but basically inside we are drawn to being naked and seeing others naked. Naturism offers a way to reconnect with nature and the natural. One reason why that word works so well. We are not becoming nude we are reclaiming nature. Naturism isn't something that should be enjoyed by a minority, the whole world should be clothing optional. As the Beatles told us “Get Back to Where You Once Belonged.”


Humanity needs to redefine normal, make changes and act now. Moving forward and learning from the past. Discard some attitudes and nurture others.


As part of that, in 2022 and beyond, we ask everyone to consider the proposal:


Get Back To Naturism.

Thanks for reading - Steve and Anna.

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