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10 Poorly Conceived Reasons for not trying Naturism


10 Poorly Conceived Reasons for not trying Naturism

You read and hear about various misconceptions of naturism. The fact that some of these ideas actually oppose each other shows how incorrect they are before we even start to think about them.

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This article looks at 10 reasons that textiles use for not trying or not approving of naturism. We question the validity of each. Are they good enough reasons for staying covered?


1 It's got to be Sexual!


Probably number one on most people's list is the idea that naturism is sexual. That it is arousing and that you are going to be surrounded by voyeurs, exhibitionists and swingers. This is fundamentally incorrect.


Naturism is not sexual, sexual acts in public places are illegal and the average naturist is just as confused about some people wanting to be sexual in public as the average textile. Being naked on the beach, in the sea and in the sun can be a wonderful treat for the senses. Just because something is pleasurable is doesn't mean it becomes sexual. On the odd occasion someone may find themselves physically aroused. This is a rare and unplanned occurrence and good sense and taste guides them to ignore the situation and it soon goes without anyone noticing. Mostly though the fear of such a thing happening is enough to make sure it doesn't, particularly in a group situation. Removing our clothes does not remove our ideas of right and wrong. We wouldn't decide to steal from the person next to us because we are naked, or have a fight with them so likewise we wouldn't think being sexual with them or in front of them is OK.


As for voyeurism and exhibitionism. The vast majority of people will not be overly interested in you. They will not be interested in being particularly noticed themselves and will just be there to have a pleasant relaxing time. Though naturists are a friendly bunch and if you are looking to have a chat or want someone to watch over your things while you stroll you will find willing candidates. Like in all situations you do get the odd person who obviously finds themselves attractive and wishes to be seen as such. These people tend to appear rather comical, but harmless. We all people watch a little but this is a world away from voyeurism and just part of being in any social environment.


Sadly some places that cater for those people interested in sexual encounters use terms like naturist and nudist in their descriptions and this does not help the misconception. A minority of badly behaved people further the confusion. These people are in a minority though and they can also be found in any non-naturist beach or other public space.


Naturists are just normal people who just happen to be happy to be naked when it is sensible and suitable. Like most normal people they dislike bad and offensive behaviour. Naturists concern about keeping naturism universally safe and trustworthy does encourage them to be very friendly and welcoming people who respect each other and appear to look after their environment a little more than the average textile.


Like the average textile, naturists would be equally repulsed by the lifestyle if it was indeed sexual.


2 Naturists aren't interested in sex and must lose interest in their partners bodies.


Ironically the want to assure people that naturism is not sexual has made some people believe that naturists dislike sex – or that being naked around each other removes the pleasure of being with their partner in a more intimate setting.


Like all cross-sections of people you will have some people who are not interested in their partners or are madly in love, and those that have a stronger or weaker libido.


Naturists once again are just normal people who are comfortable with their bodies and nudity. This comfort can help build a stronger connection with their partner and a better appreciation of moments of intimacy. They are aware that the moment is more than just being naked but something much more special. They may also find that it is great to themselves in a situation where they can be intimate after time showing the sensible and suitable constraint that social nudity ask of them. They are also going to be more comfortable with seeing each other naked and this lack of shyness or embarrassment may help with a more honest and confident love life.


You will not be preyed upon on a beach and will not be stared at but that doesn't mean that naturists are not aware of people that they find attractive. Like in all aspects of social living we will find some people more appealing than others and there is nothing wrong with that. As always it is behaviour that counts.


3 My Body is not good enough to be seen Naked.


Probably the second biggest concern is the idea that all bodies at a naturist location will be perfect and that a person's body will just not measure up.


This concern is going to be exaggerated in people's minds by the fact that many people just don't see the average person naked. The same concerns that encourage people to visit plastic surgeons are going to put them off visiting a naturist beach. Most magazines, films and adverts show airbrushed seemingly perfect bodies. Even some naturist sites use the media's idea of perfection to advertise their venue. A foolish idea as it must put off some people from visiting and encourage other visitors to be rather disappointed!


Here's the truth - no one has a perfect body and everyone on the beach or at the naturist club is going to have faults and there will be all sorts of builds of body, as well as different sized body parts. There will be those with physical disorders and others with body enhancements. No one is the same and that is part of the beauty of naturism and of our many and varied bodies.


No one will stare, no one will be shocked or point you will just be accepted as the person you are with the body you have. Just as all the other people there have been accepted in the past.


We should also bare in mind that just because modern media says that only a certain type of man or woman is attractive that does not make it so. Taste have changed and will change again. Many are also not so shallow both in what they see as attractive without and within.


4 I Won't Fit In.


Assumptions that all naturists are of a specific group. That all naturists are adults. That all naturist are men. That all naturists are of retirement age. That naturism is not for families. Will I be the only woman? Will we be the only mixed sex couple? Will we be the only family?


Clearly the older generation has more free time on their hands and are less concerned over judgement from peers or work colleagues. So yes many older people are lucky enough to spend a good amount of time naked – some will go to their naturist beach everyday.


You will probably see more men. They seem to feel comfortable with naturism than women. Maybe partly because more women fear reason number 3.However, the idea of naturism being male dominated is heightened by the fact that naturist clubs often limit the amount of single men they allow to join their ranks. Added to this is more men discuss naturism on the internet. This problem enhanced by the fact that many men on the internet use the term naturism to hide behind predatory and sexual behaviour. These men are rarely going to actually be naturists.


Luckily, most locations and venues will have a wide selection of people from individuals of both sexes, same sex couples, mixed couples; as well as couples, single mothers or single fathers with their children. Ratios may vary greatly from location to location and day to day but it should make no difference.


Most places have a good atmosphere and most people are friendly and no concern should be placed on ratios. If for example a woman doesn't go to a beach because there are more men than women then the difference will only get wider and discourage less women in the future.


Naturism is universal and welcomes everyone. Most venues are very inviting towards families and beaches are always a brilliant place for families. Children love being naked and they take the nudity of others as a very natural thing. Some venues or events may not be child friendly but that doesn't mean they are sexual. There are many other reasons: the main one being that some people just like a quiet holiday without children running around.


Naturism will suit you – whatever your situation.


5 Isn't It embarrassing, shameful and wrong?


Will it be scary? I may feel ridiculous or ashamed. I may even bump into someone I know. What would people think of me? Why would I bother trying it when I am happy not to? Is right to see children naked or have them see me naked?


To contemplate being socially naked is for many a shock to the system. The idea of exposing parts of our body to others after years of ensuring people don't see them does seem rather alien.


The moments just before and just after you undress are going to be nerve racking in one way or another but the feeling is fleeting. You soon find that you are actually surprisingly comfortable. In fact it is shockingly easy.


There may be little moments again that make you concerned. The first time you stand next to a stranger and hold a conversation while you are both naked. Before it happens you may think “Can I do this? Where do I look? Where will he/she look?” As soon as you start you realise that it is just like having a conversation while dressed – yet it feels a little more honest. The same with the first time you see someone you know. Remember that they are there too, and whatever mutual embarrassment you may initially worry about is soon replaced by the natural comfort of the situation.


Before you try naturism you may wonder to yourself why should you bother. Why go out of you way or comfort zone to try something new? There are plenty of things that people acquire as taste for, that at first doesn't seem appealing. Unlike many of these naturism is good for both your body and the soul.


Once you try naturism and realise that the fears you have harboured are from a society that allows the 10 false ideas of this article to flourish unchecked and unquestioned then you also realise how very foolish your concerns of guilt and shame have been. That being naked does not make you a pervert or a bad person or someone of easy virtue but instead some one who is more in tune with their feelings, their world and humanity.


When you spend time in a naturist situation and see families and children playing happily together seemingly unaware that they are naked, you don't just stop worrying about them seeing you naked and you seeing them but you actually envy them their upbringing and say to yourself. Why couldn't my parents have allowed me this experience.


As for the judgment of “textiles.” The only reason someone would think badly of you for being a naturist is if they believed the misconceptions dealt with in this article. You can help to educate them. You have the right for them to think they already know the type of good person you are. If they still don't approve; is their approval really worth having?.


6 Naturists are just crazy people obsessed with being naked?


Are they extremists? Do venues demand 100% nudity no matter what and is that hygienic? Are naturist naked all the time? Do they try to strip off everywhere?


Most naturists will probably have few naked opportunities through the year and may seldom be naked at home. Very few naturists have home set ups that allow for nudity 24/7 and certainly wouldn't think about stripping off at a local shopping mall.


They may at times see the need for clothes as pointless but they are still aware that - pointless or not - it is expected. They may join in a local charity run or a naked bike ride but mostly they will just be socially naked on holiday, at a club or their local beach.


As for venues most will insist that the pool is 100% naked and many will encourage as much nudity as possible. They will also recognise that if it is cold then you shouldn't need to suffer, that certain activities may be safer with protection and that some women will not feel comfortable being bottomless during menstruation.


For hygiene reasons you will be expected to sit on your own towels.


7 Naturism is just a Trendy Fad.


Isn't naturism a relatively new idea that goes against society, rules of humanity and acting civilised? As such it is just a trendy and possibly expensive lifestyle that should be ignored.


Naturism as we understand it today has been developing for well over 100 years. There are clubs still in existence that are a century old. There are many thousands of naturists who are members of clubs and federations around the world and it is an industry that creates a huge revenue in some countries.


The obsession with covering up is in fact a relatively new trend. The swimsuit was around for about 50 years before naturists started to encourage us to discard it again. Since it's invention the swimsuit has got progressively smaller with almost every passing year. Western civilisation was very comfortable with family nudity, naked swimming and social washing until relatively recently. Many other cultures enjoyed a relaxed attitude towards nudity for thousands of years before being encouraged to cover up.


It can be argued that naturism is a true symbol of how civilised we can be. The fact that we can be naked and still act respectfully and responsibly shows that we have self control and discipline. Something that is too often not shown by some dressed people and their need to see strippers and to rape and to abuse.


Naturism may not be a trend, but it can still be expensive. Though that depends on what you do and how you do it. Beaches are free. Being in your garden is free. Taking a naked ramble is free. You may have to drive further to a beach though. Sometime it appears to be the case that naturism can be costly. Some naturist campsites are more expensive than their “textile” equivalents. This may be because they have a smaller market to promote themselves to. It may be because they have less competition. However camping naked is so much nicer I am sure most people think it is worth it.


One thing for sure is that naturism isn't going away; and if you try it you won't want to ignore it.


8 Isn't it an old fashioned and dying lifestyle?


Aren't they all hippies? Don't they live in colonies? Isn't it all about clubs and rules and sleeping in tents?


The lifestyle is not dying though it may be evolving. Many young people do not see themselves as club joiners and many clubs haven't found a way yet to convince them otherwise. Some of the clubs and their rules are firm advocates against some of the other fears shown in this article and that cannot be a bad thing. Though some re-invention is always needed to move with the times.


Some naturists do go camping. It is part of the out door lifestyle. Though others have holidays in villas, on cruises or in luxury resorts.


The term colony is now rather archaic in naturist terms but no matter what word you use to describe a place to live among other naturists only a small percentage of naturist do so. Most people only dabble in naturism. Even for a serious naturist, opportunities to live in a naturist resort or setting are limited.


Are we hippies? Naturism was around long before the main hippy movement and has remained more popular after it. No doubt many an older naturist may consider themselves an ageing hippy. Many naturists are seen as being a little more peaceful, loving and environmentally friendly than maybe the average person.


Once again however, naturists are a cross section of society and many naturists will not see themselves as at all hippy-ish. One of the brilliant aspects of naturism is that it is a great equaliser. Once our respective uniforms are removed we are just part of the human race.


9 Naturism is about living in the middle of a wood or in a cave without electricity or modern conveniences.


Seriously! Some people believe this. We have heard and read so many comments of that nature. “How can you be a naturist you have an oven and a fridge?” Some people really think that being a naturist means that you should live like an animal. They even say that naturists by removing their clothes make themselves beast like. OK these people are never going to try naturism. They are too far gone!


Once again naturists are just a normal cross-section of people who are relaxed enough and confident enough within themselves to recognise that wearing clothes is not what makes them different from wild animals. That being civilised is about respecting ourselves, others, the world around us and the flora and fauna in it. That putting clothes on a chimpanzee will not make it human and a vicious thug of a human is beastly no matter what he wears.


Being without clothes is partly about bonding with nature and acting more natural but it is also about being comfortable and enjoying life. For many having an oven and a fridge is an important part of being comfortable and enjoying life too.


10 It is illegal


There is no black and white answer for this one. This is going to depend on where you are from and what your naturist experience will be. Many countries have laws supporting naturism in one way or another. If you are heading to a naturist club, campsite or resort it will have the backing of the law. Many official naturist beaches exist also with the backing of the law. Naturist federations and associations work with the law and encourage positive changes to the law.


Some countries also allow nudity on most beaches, in your own garden, in national parks and open countryside and even strictly speaking on the street of your local town. The law often takes issue only with a person's behaviour and intent rather than with nudity alone. In those countries you may be asked to cover up if you have really offended someone, but you shouldn't be arrested, unless your behaviour while naked was threatening or sexual.


Some countries may allow you to be a naturist in certain places only and other countries are not tolerant at all. It is always worth checking out the laws for where you live. Don't believe fear mongering and get to know your rights.


So there we are. What excuse is left?


I suppose the only other reason someone could really argue is that they aren't interested. It just isn't their thing? Fair enough.


There is no pleasing everyone, but maybe if they give it a go, they may be pleasantly surprised. Millions of people have been previously.

Thanks for reading - Anna and Steve

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