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Understanding ANW


Understanding ANW

The ANW User Guide may be of interest for further information about ANW and how it works. ANW also has a monthly Newsletter and other Notices and FAQs in the Discover area.  

This website has been created for naturist individuals, families and businesses to reach each other to share knowledge, points of view, products, stories and friendship, and to guide newcomers who have never tried naturism. For people to safely share their naturism with family and friends, to meet new people, find holiday destinations, beaches, clubs and other venues. Create blogs, write articles, discuss topics and submerge themselves in a world of naturism.

The website only allows advertising of products and services from businesses that are members of this site and have a product or service to promote that is relevant for the naturist market.

A Naturist World aims to help fight against prejudices and support causes and aid in bringing a better worldwide appreciation of naturism.

The site believes naturism is fantastic fun; helps create a physically and emotionally healthier society and should be open to all. This website to be equally positive, like naturism itself, the site should be fun as well as being taken seriously.

Members should feel comfortable on the site and expect other users to behave as appropriately as they would if they were to visit a naturist beach or join a landed club. Members should find this website to be a true extension to their naturist lives and actually improve the quality of their naked adventures.

Our long term aim is to help create a world that no longer needs this website and no longer needs people to be described as naturists, because non-sexual socially nudity has become accepted all over the world and all humans feel they have the right to be naked whenever and wherever they decide to without being part of a minority.


The article “What is Naturism/nudism?” goes into detail about the ideas and principals of naturism that the site supports. The main points being:

That naturism is a healthy way of life encouraging body confidence, a sense of well being and respect for others.

That naturism is open to all who respect these ideas whether they live in a naturist resort, have the occasional naked holiday or trip to the beach or if they simply enjoy being naked in their own home or garden. A Naturist World welcome you, as well as those that are curious about naturism and would like to find out if it is suitable for them.

That naturism isn’t about sex, pornography, exhibitionism or voyeurism.

That naturism is family-friendly and brilliant for children and their positive development.

And - that although we don’t live in a world where naturism is universally permitted we believe that we should still welcome and encourage support from people in these countries and hope that they are able to practice privately, travel to more sympathetic countries for holidays and maybe one day find the attitudes towards naturism in their country changes.

The name A Naturist World was chosen partly to encourage the idea that the whole world should accept naturism but also because the website itself is an internet world of all things naturist - a global meeting point and information portal.

Based on these ideas our users should feel safe here. Whatever their age and gender. In the unlikely event that anyone should feel pestered by another member, please get in touch with us and we will do what we can to address the situation. It is important that we protect our members, the reputation of naturism and this website.

It is with this in mind that we have rules.

Rules and Guidelines

We recognise that some naturists may have other aspects of their lives that are not part of the ideas mentioned above. You may be part of a hedonistic or libertine lifestyle for example. We do not suggest that you are wrong to enjoy such life choices and we recognise that for some they go hand in hand with social nudity. However, these lifestyles do encourage the general misunderstanding and mistrust of naturism in the eyes of many non-naturists. So we ask that these aspects of your life should be put into context of what this website stands for and should only be mentioned in references to certain topics, just as religion, politics and education may be.

Everything publicly shared among the members should be done with respect to the “family” atmosphere and following the Terms of Service. What consenting individuals choose to privately share is their business as long as it is kept private, everyone involved is consenting, it is appropriate for the age of those involved and doesn’t break any laws. Particularly laws involving the safeguarding of children.

If your other life choices and tastes are illegal they are not welcome on this website and you will be removed (and depending on the issue reported to appropriate authorities).

Please always bear in mind that this website is family-friendly and we welcome parents to share the site with their children and we welcome input from people of all ages. We are happy for content to be of an intelligent, mature and informative nature, but unnecessary vulgarity, bad language, rudeness and disrespect are not acceptable. Depending on the nature of the content, they can lead to a request to curb your ideas a little or instant banning from the site.

If you accept another member as a friend, hopefully, your decision will be right but you do so at your own risk and so should use your best judgment. Similarly, you should use sensible precautions before arranging to meet your “friends” in person.

Please be respectful of the individual tastes of the people you contact. If you wish to share and discuss certain things that you feel may cause offence, ask them outright about their views on this before proceeding. If you get an answer saying that it is not something they are interested in then please do not pursue it any further.

In promoting an idea of naturism as a family-friendly lifestyle we feel that it would be remiss of us to ignore children who are part of our naturist families and world. We suggest you use images of them sparingly and with as much taste and respect as possible. We personally use cropped and blurred images not because we believe children’s bodies are fit for censorship but mainly because we do not want to encourage those seeking images of naked children to join the site. We wish to safeguard children and also all of our members from such people. We aim to successfully get a balance of showing naturism as family-friendly at the same time addressing modern fears towards protecting children.

We do not wish A Naturist World to be in any way titillating. Naturists are not exhibitionists and we hope that we can all present naturism in a matter-of-fact way and in context to the articles, posts and subjects that are discussed. Nudity and our bodies are a natural part of who we are. Although there is often an unnatural side to posing for a photograph to add to a post. We should aim to achieve a greater level of sharing and understanding of naturism and not appear to “show off” our very ordinary bodies or certain parts of them.

Through A Naturist World, we hope to encourage a healthier attitude towards opinions of naturism in those that may not properly understand what naturism is really about.

There are many characteristics shared by most naturists - respectful, open, honest, warm, caring, giving, fun-loving, adventurous, supportive, protective to name a few. We wish the members of this website to show other members these courtesy’s and also for us to convey these ideas into the real world. Through this behaviour, naturism will grow stronger and more accepted and we will truly create A Naturist World.

Thanks for Reading - Anna and Steve

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