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Spiaggia Catino Porto D'adda (Porto D'adda)


Located inside North Adda Park, Spiaggia Catino Porto D'adda otherwise known as Porto D'adda is a secluded beach located on the border between Cornate and Paderno and can usually be reached from Porto d'Adda. 

A real corner of paradise for the wonderful landscape of luxuriant vegetation that surrounds it and which has always been very popular with both naturists and textiles. The beach in question is found walking from Porto d'Adda towards Paderno. 

If you enjoy nature, rivers rocks and trees then this is the place for you.

Please be aware that once you reach the river, you must bathe only on the left side of the beach near the bend and be careful not to get caught in the current, it may drag you into the main course of the river which has strong rapids.