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Playa de la Cera - Papagayo Beaches


Playa de la Cera is part of the Natural Park Ajaches there are a series of wild coves known as Papagayo beaches which consist of seven coves which the park presumes natural: PapagayoPuerto MuelasCaleta del CongrioPlaya de la CeraPlaya del PozoPlaya Mujeres and San Martial  All of the beaches are a mix of naturist and textile and are connected by paths through the dunes and hills. One pays a small entrance fee for the park.

The characteristics are very similar: golden sand and rocky cliffs that frame the beach. The Playa La Cera, however, is a lot bigger than his brother to his left, which gives him more space for you to spread out your towel in a beautiful spot.  There is the offer of protection from wind and weather.

At low tide head right and you can walk over to Playa del Pozo.