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Charco del Palo - Piscina Natural Coloseo


Charco del Palo was established in the 1970s and is the first naturist resort in the Canaries, on the north-eastern coast of Lanzarote.

Nudity is permitted everywhere and its isolated location; at the end of a dedicated three-kilometre access road, helps to achieve privacy,

Charco del Palo is predominantly German, with English and Spanish residents and tourists. There are two-holiday complexes and lots of apartments and villas for rental. There is no development to the north for over a mile and nothing to the south for about a mile which means that nude strolls away from the village can be done. The whole complex is very laid back and quite.

The village is built on pale sandy soil, but the coast is rocky, with no beaches. However, three sheltered coves have been developed for safe bathing, two of them are tidal pools filling up at high tide with fresh water, another site allows swimming in the open sea. One of the areas where you can sunbathe and swim is called the Monkey Rocks, this is deep water and is good for snorkeling and diving.  The main port of call for visitors would be the sea fed swimming and sunbathing area called Piscina Natural Coloseo.
The surrounding countryside is dominated by fields of prickly pear cactus.